“Angry Al” Disputes His Placement on the Worst Sports Radio Callers List

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback to our story ranking the top 10 best and worst sports radio callers in the Delaware Valley. Most people seemed to agree with the placement of folks like Jim from Havertown (absolutely awful) and Linda from Mayfair (the very best). We even had Jose from Norristown checking in on Facebook to say hello.

We got… hockey action yo!” said Jose.

One person who did not like the list was “Angry Al” Puryear, who complained about his ranking as the 9th worst caller in Philadelphia. He took so much umbrage that he had the audacity to call up 94 WIP (for the 7th time that week probably) to dispute the list and suggest that I win the weekly “get rid of that guy” award on the Jon Marks and Ike Reese show.

Here’s the audio of Al doing more of his whining:

Said Al:

“First of all, he says I’m the ninth-worst caller but he doesn’t give a reason why I’m a bad caller. As a matter of fact, he just pumps up my resume. I don’t see where he ever identifies me as a bad caller.” 

My bad. Allow me to clarify. Al is a terrible caller because:

  1. He’s a cockroach Dallas Cowboys fan who lives in this area. He’s not from Texas. He’s a frontrunner.
  2. He’s always angry (duh). Even in that phone call he bitches about Byron Jones and calls him an “idiot” who doesn’t “turn around and look for the ball.”

You would think Jon Marks would understand this and side with me, a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, but instead he came out and accused Crossing Broad of bias while declaring Angry Al the winner of the “get rid of that guy” weekly contest:


Jonny Marks is now on the shit list. I’ll be calling in later defend our reputation as an unbiased news source.

In the meantime, I have a proposal for Angry Al:

  1. You will agree to take a one-month break from calling 94 WIP.
  2. You will enter yourself into anger management classes.
  3. You will renounce your Dallas Cowboys fandom and pledge your unwavering loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you meet all of these goals, you will be removed from the worst sports callers list and I will issue a public apology on the Marks and Reese show.

It’s a fair deal. Reasonable terms. The ball is now in your court.

For now, here’s Andy in Deptford destroying Angry Al:

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9 Responses

  1. 3/4 of all callers to WIP & The Fanatic are mush heads and belong on Jerry Springer. I know it’s a Phila thing because we are so provincial and don’t pay attention to any teams other than ours. Same ridiculous points made over and over by low IQ callers. Another reason why Phila will always be a second-class city. I don’t want X’s & O’s but would prefer more guests instead of callers.

  2. I hear there’s paranoid little kitty man who’s terrified of me, living at 213 Pe NN L@Nd in Purrrrrrr kah see. Come out, come out Kylee. the boogy man is at the door.

  3. I’ll give Angry Al credit his call has me listening. Love the way he says Johnny Marks. Can’t stand his points but has me listening to his calls. Kind of like the late Levi .

  4. Across the field of radio play
    the dusk has come, the Angelo show is an hour away.
    The fight with the producer is done and lost or won,
    My call files out through the airways .
    The tumult dies, the butch fans cheer is loud,
    the fans are barking , the studio is still.
    But through the morning there shines the light,
    home beyond the long beautiful hill.

    -See right through it

  5. This blog just reminded me that Ike Reese and his fork swallowing voice is somehow still working 2-6 on philly’s premier sports talk station. Thank god for podcasts.

    Marks knows that without the mouthbreathing inbreds that call into the radio, they would be like lost puppies, having no idea how to run a show without them. And not only does he defend Al, he gives him tickets to see Joe Rogan.

  6. Hmmm Al… if you’re still around once you turn 75 and you’re in poor health… i’ll be coming for you!!!

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