Are the Eagles Looking for a “Younger” Receiver to “Mesh” with Carson Wentz?

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There’s a story at ESPN+ this morning from Jeremy Fowler titled “2020 NFL free-agency buzz on all 32 teams: Execs help us make sense of the frenzy.”

It’s a team-by-team story with nuggets about each squad that were compiled this way:

“we made some calls to execs around the league to get their insight on how things have gone through the first wave of free agency, then packed each section with tons of info to help pass the time. Let’s get right to it, in alphabetical order.”

Sounds good to me. I clicked.

Here’s what’s written about the Eagles:

The Eagles loaded up on defensive firepower with a Slay trade that didn’t require much draft compensation to facilitate (third- and fifth-round picks) and a defensive tackle (Javon Hargrave) they believe will be a force in their attacking style of defense.

But a team that desperately needs receivers is sitting a few plays out in March, applying a lot of pressure to get it right in April.

After making dozens of calls on the receiver market in the last week, the belief is the Eagles want a younger player who will mesh with Carson Wentz rather than a veteran who might have his own style of play. They took a similar approach with the offensive staff, opting not to hire a playcaller from the outside. Philly is all-in on Wentz, obviously, so the pieces around him will be tailored accordingly.

Key section here:

“the belief is the Eagles want a younger player who will mesh with Carson Wentz rather than a veteran who might have his own style of play”

Yeah? Well DeSean Jackson didn’t seem to have any issues meshing with Carson Wentz for the five minutes he was on the field last year. He was a veteran guy that had never played with Carson before. And Torrey Smith wasn’t highly targeted in 2017, but seemed to slide into the system rather easily.

I guess the blurb is alluding to this idea of building the team around Carson, or making it “Carson’s team” or however we’re explaining that thought. You’ve heard that Russell Wilson comparison this offseason, the idea of jettisoning some of these veteran guys and giving the keys to Wentz and allowing him to step up and lead a younger squad. Maybe there’s some truth to that, or maybe not, but either way, there really isn’t much left in free agency at the receiver position. 25 year old DeMarcus Robinson might make the most sense. Taylor Gabriel, Chester Rodgers, Tavon Austin, and Geronimo Allison are still out there. 

It still seems inevitable that they draft a couple of receivers and try to add weapons in the draft. It’s also a bit concerning that Alshon Jeffery is still on the roster even after the new CBA passed, which makes it easier for the Birds to waive him (though they’d still eat a large dead cap number).

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9 Responses

  1. What’s the point of cutting Jeffery. Spite? The dude is a Superbowl winning above average possession receiver. You’d be eating a big cap number and you may need him next December.

    I know most Philly fans love the soap opera nonsense way more than the actual game of football, but let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face.

  2. Management is doing Wentz and this team no favors with the way they are treating him. They gave him his contract early so that they didn’t upset him. Coaching decisions aren’t made without his approval. Players that might push him are pushed out. And now they don’t want to bring in veterans because of how it affects Carson’s style of play. Take the kid gloves off with this guy. He is never going to reach his full potential because management would rather give him everything than have to earn it. This is all going to lead to Wentz’s career ending with more questions than answers.

  3. Just stop with the Tavon Austin Bullshit!!!!! He has freaking SUCKED everywhere he’s played. I don’t care if he plays for free he still flat out blows and is no better than the practice squad players they have now.

  4. Wentz will NEVER be a leader with his holier than thou attitude and
    reckless abandon. He is a cancer to any locker room. Just look at all
    the turnover amongst star players who have left as a result. Signing him
    to that big contract was a huge mistake.

    Jameis Winston is on the market
    now that he has been canned by the Bucs. Would be a major upgrade over
    Wentz. The best QB currently on the market. Surely he would
    improve overall team chemistry and thrive in the right system. He’s got
    tremendous growth potential and this would be a markedly superior
    improvement over the highly unstable,and often injured, Wentz.

    Wentz is an albatross hanging over the neck of this franchise and will become another Cam Newton in 2-3 more years the way he’s regressing. Find a
    way to get Winston and trade Wentz for the betterment of the franchise otherwise they will be in for a rude awakening.

    1. Nick Foles: 1 Super Bowl Ring plus 1 Super Bowl MVP.
      Carson Wentz: 1 Super Bowl Ring.
      Donovan McNabb: 2 DUI’s.

      1. Wentz didn’t earn that Super Bowl ring he just happened to be on the team. And why is Donovan McNabb even in this thread??? The QB that the Eagles should be fixated with is Jameis Winston. He’s younger than Wentz, much better arm, quicker release, and much better growth potential. Wentz will be old soon and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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