Beasley Media Group Implementing Wage Cuts and Hour Reductions

It’s a rocky road for American businesses deemed non-essential during a pandemic.

Already we’ve seen a lot of staff and salary reductions at places like restaurants and retail shops, while sports team owners toss around ideas to limit expenses. The Sixers tried going down that road but received so much negative publicity that they decided to reverse course.

The struggle extends to terrestrial radio, and Beasley Media Group, which owns seven local stations including 97.5 the Fanatic and 93.3 WMMR, will be instituting wage cuts and hour reductions as a result of the economic Coronavirus pinch.

In an email sent to employees and obtained by Crossing Broad, CEO Caroline Beasley explains details of the strategy while informing staff that she will also be taking a pay cut:

We are all in this together and it starts at the top. As we get through this period, I will be forgoing 20% of my compensation throughout the end of the second quarter as we address the current situation. In addition, we will be implementing a 10% wage cut for salaried full-time employees and a 10% reduction in hours for full-time hourly employees. These cuts will be effective April 1st through the end of June, respecting any outstanding contractual obligations.

While it is not something we want to do, it is necessary in the long-term as we continue to move forward to get to the other side of the current economic situation.

In addition, we will be extending our work at home policy to April 6th. We will continue to provide you with timely updates as they become available. Please follow the guidelines provided by your respective local and state governments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your immediate supervisor or market manager.

We appreciate your continued support during these unprecedented times. It is during times of uncertainty that we prevail. Most importantly, we wish that you and your family remain safe and well.

Couple of thoughts here:

1. Nice to see the CEO step in and also take a reduction. I feel like every one of these policies needs to be accompanied with executive cuts in order to be taken seriously.

2. Based on the wording of that third sentence, it would seem like employees are just losing 10% of their pay but still working the same amount of hours. It doesn’t specifically state that their work week will similarly be drawn back by 10%, it just says “we will be implementing a 10% wage cut for salaried full-time employees and a 10% reduction in hours for full-time hourly employee,” which is basically two different things for two different groups of employees. Unless I’m reading that incorrectly, somebody like Mike Missanelli would continue to work his typical week but only receive 90% pay. (Edit – Mike is probably a bad example since he’s on a contract, so think instead of somebody who is full time but not one of the main hosts)

3. With no Sixers or Flyers on 97.5 the Fanatic, folks who worked on those broadcasts already lost significant game hours, so they’re getting dumped on twice, losing those seasonal gigs and then getting the hourly reduction on top of it.

4. The Sixers’ reduction plan, for reference, would have reduced employee pay by 20% temporarily, while also only asking them to work four days. Essentially they were earning only 80% of their pay while only working 80% of their hours, which seems fair on paper. Of course, that doesn’t take into account all of the extra hours that sports staffers work on game days or travel days, which is why it’s hard to do a flat ratio when trying to be fair about furlough hours and other reductions.

Locally, Beasley owns 97.5 the Fanatic, WMMR, 92.5 WXTU, 610 ESPN, 95.7 BEN FM, 860 WWDB, and 102.9 WMGK.


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  1. Sometimes i just don’t undertstand that little twerp Kyle Scott.
    First he buys Beasley media group and then he lays off or cut the salary
    of its employees during the hardest time of their lives?
    Its bad enough he wanted to hire people with 5 yrs experience
    , make them work 60 hr weeks with no benefits or 401K for
    He’s just a terrible terrible boss.
    I’m surprised that someone hasn’t beaten the shit out of him like in the
    old days.

  2. “Hot Mama in bed
    Gonna give
    Cool Papa some head”

    -Ralph Garr Atlanta Braves 1971

  3. Have you read me yet, Kevin?

    let me summarize: people that actually do work instead of sitting at home surfing the net all day and blogging are getting a pay cut. Film at 11

      1. Presumably not much. The only difference for them is that they have to share space in their parents’ basement with a lot of toilet paper and cases of bottled water.

  4. Kevvy,

    when kyle cans your article stealing ass will you goto
    work for Eskin picking the dogshit out of his shoes
    and grating cheese into his salads??

    Croatia is where its at

  5. How is Mikey Miss going to pay for his hair dye and cool glasses?

  6. I would think “personalities” like Mike Missanelli or members of the Preston and Steve Show who work under contract would have something in their agreement protecting them from the corporation making sudden salary changes. If that was the case I would love to see them voluntarily take the hit to support those employees who are in a much worse situation. I know the P&S show relies on a ton of background people to keep it running. Philly Mag reported in 2007 they each make 300k+ and in the past 13 years since that was reported they have only gotten bigger and dominate in the morning ratings so I would assume they are making at least double that by now . Not sure what Missanelli pulls in but it is likely too much. Either way a show of solidarity would go a long way.

  7. ” it would seem like employees are just losing 10% of their pay but still working the same amount of hours. It doesn’t specifically state that their work week will similarly be drawn back by 10%, it just says “we will be implementing a 10% wage cut for salaried full-time employees…”

    This is to prevent violating exempt workers overtime laws. You can cut the salary but not the workload.

  8. And do we really need someone doing sports updates every twenty minutes with no sports being played. No SportsTalk radio station needs more than two people per shift. You need the host and producer. The producer can do the updates if you really feel it’s necessary to wrap around commercial spots. I think layoffs are coming and update gals will be the first to go.

  9. More of the love affair between pig ava and her fiancee. That should boost the ratings.

  10. When will the angelo cataldi become WOKE…….his “act” is offensive. But he gets RATINGS!!!

  11. I have two mouths to feed. How can. I afford to feed Lil Ant and Massimo they’re Primos!

  12. Sadly–most of Philly radio is weak. It’s hard to listen to. Sports radio is barely that. If I have to listen to another field of 64—Christ!!! WIP is not good and 97.5 cannot overtake them. They came in and said they would and are a failure in the ratings. On to MMR. Preston and Steve have a pretty good show but should thank God everyday that Stern went to pay radio. Otherwise he would continue to dominate. A little tip for music stations. Do not talk at all. Your stories are not interesting and you laugh at everything you say. Just play music. Most of these no talent people are stealing money.

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