The 94 WIP morning show is down in Clearwater this week for Phillies Spring Training.

You won’t find the games on television, not until this Saturday, but WIP is the team’s official radio partner and will be broadcasting most of these matchups over the air.

As such, they get exclusive access to the players and manager, and today Angelo Cataldi spoke with both Joe Girardi and Bryce Harper, the latter of whom discussed his adjustment to Philadelphia and why he loves playing here:

I just knew that coming into Philly they want you to work hard and they hold you accountable, and I love that. My dad and my family always held me accountable growing up, they always wanted me to work hard and do everything I could to be a good person, a good baseball player, and that’s what I want to do for this city. I want to go out there and be the best baseball player I can be each night and I want to run hard, I want to play hard, and I want to run through a wall for this city.

Every single time I went out there they held me accountable, (if I hit) 0 for 4, 4 for 4. But also, they were there for me as well. It’s not like they just hammered me, hammered me, hammered me. And they didn’t, they really didn’t. They were there for me as well. If I did go 0 for 4, of course I had a couple boos, but there were there for me as well. And they were pulling (for) me and doing everything they could to help, it’s a lot of fun. Going through free agency a lot of people are scared to play in Philly because they hear about the fan base or hear about the city, and I wasn’t. I was so excited. I played there as a visitor my first seven or eight years in the big leagues and I loved every minute going in there.

Good quote. That should resonate within the fan base. Just need to make sure Bryce does not literally run through a wall and injure himself, like Aaron Rowand.

Here’s the interview: