Christine Flowers No Longer Writes for the Philadelphia Inquirer

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Conservative columnist Christine Flowers is no longer with the Philadelphia Inquirer, according to her:

In an interview with Philly Mag, Flowers says she agreed to go silent with her Twitter account, then reactivated it against the Inquirer’s wishes, which is the reason for her dismissal:

Management has addressed this with you in the past?
Yes, under the old editorship, they had asked me to tone it down, which I did. I just stopped responding for a while. But then my social media presence grew. And my social media voice is more feisty than my column voice. I was more “real” on Twitter and Facebook. That caused some waves, and I understand why it did. I represented the paper. They had me apologize to readers several times when certain readers got angry and went to the editors.

And you think that this had a direct impact on what happened?
Oh yes. I have to be honest about it. There was a gentleman’s agreement there, and I broke it. My editor told me that there had been a meeting among a number of editors, and there was a problem with my social media presence and the fact that I reactivated my Twitter account without notifying the powers that be as I had promised to do. It was insubordination. The benefit of having me was outweighed by the pain in the neck that I am.

Flowers was the conservative counterbalance on the opinion page, offering takes that placed her and Will Bunch about 10 million miles apart on the political spectrum. If he was located on Mercury, then she was probably somewhere near Neptune or Pluto. I don’t think she wrote very often, though. On her individual page at the Inky, she’s only listed as the author of five stories published this year, which are:

Thank god for Supreme Court’s look at same-sex foster parents | Christine Flowers

Don’t look to Archbishop Nelson Pérez for political leadership | Christine Flowers

I don’t like Meghan Markle. That doesn’t make me racist. | Christine Flowers

Finally some justice for maligned Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann | Christine Flowers

Pope Francis should channel Pope John Paul II’s forgiveness after Vatican slapping incident | Christine Flowers

No way in hell am I wading into a political mess here; I’m just interested to see what happens next. I’m pretty sure Flowers was the only conservative voice on the opinion page, though I can’t claim to be too familiar with those writers outside of Bunch and Jenice Armstrong. They should probably bring in another conservative voice to represent that side of the political arena.


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  1. If you would have told me that was Sarah Palin I would have totally believed you

    1. Christine’s victimhood is who she is, and she is hardly the only Conservative Opinion Writer anywhere.,,,, The constant cries from the right to be heard are a tactic used to have us believe they are being silenced. Christine’s tactics to silence those not in agreement with her knows no end.

  2. “I will miss angering progressives.” Right. Because that always helps when trying to show them your side and attempting to persuade them.

  3. She was the moron who was convinced Bill Cosby was innocent because Dr. Huxtable was so nice on The Cosby Show.

    1. That was the nail in the coffin for me. I can listen to all kinds of viewpoints but that one proved she was irredeemably stupid…. Like she really doesn’t understand what acting is. Or even that shitty people can be nice to your face. Still blows my mind. Anyway, good riddance to her.

      1. I will not agree that Christine is stupid, but will say she was and is irredeemably chidish and ignorant in all her opinions. He inability to take any criticism and to personally attack anyone not in total agreement with her knew no bounds. A victim of everything – she has a voice and simply uses it to promote herself and a mutual admiration society she controls.

  4. You’re going to need a bigger boat if you’re going to start fishing for political traffic, K!inkadoo!

  5. It’s not political to call Trump a grotesque disgusting moron. It’s factual. This is what he is. If you support this type of behavior there is something wrong with you.

  6. I disagreed with her about 95% of the time, but what the heck Inquirer, was her Twitter account that big of a deal? It is actually fun and sometimes stimulating to hear from the other side. It gets the juices flowing, gets the critical thinking going. Her columns generated a lot of comments on, so a lot of other people were also reading her if only to lambaste her for whatever.

    By the way, the Inky has at least one other conservative voice on the opinion page, the odious Trumper Marc Thiessen, who is nationally syndicated. Which is another reason Ms. Flowers will be missed – she often wrote about local stuff, even if she was almost always misguided on same.

  7. but why would any conservative (or anyone for that matter), want anything to do with dying Inquirer? Also, why would any conservative want anything to do with the trash that is philadelphia.

    So she’s been fired because of her twitter account? Well who better to “write” an article about that than kevbo himself!

    1. The Cottage Industry of “The victimhood of Conservatives” claiming their “Suppression” of Speech continues unabated. Christine is angry and lashes. Had I not been called out on her radio show (by first name and town) because I questioned her use of our church to make political statement in a e-mail to her and received the “God have Mercy on your filthy soul” or had my comments to her Inky Columns disabled for the same reason, perhaps I would be stupid enough to believe you. Christine was very selective in allowing other opinions,

  8. Regardless of her ability (or seemingly her ability to follow employer directions), the REAL question is if they bring another conservative voice on board to make up for her absence. And the answer to that is most likely ‘no’ (under some guise of ‘no money, sorry’ I’m sure), and then you will really see what this was about……but nobody will care about this a week from now except conservatives and when they bring it up 6 months down the road they will be laughed at as tinfoil cap wearing conspiracy theorists……

  9. Dom Giordano is next. Never followed Ms. Flowers but I’m never surprised at anything the “not for profit” Inquirer does. BTW – HOW does a Democratic lobbying organ like The Inquirer get not for profit status from the IRS? Hmmm….

  10. Gone and won’t be missed. Anyone who brags about being mistaken often for Sarah Palin is not shuffling a full deck since Palin is one of the dumbest people on the planet and the mother of a band of misfit kids and wife of a doofus husband.
    Flowers is now on twitter the place where no one ever went for actual information or intellectual exchange. LOL

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