Comcast-Spectacor Will Pay Game-Day Employees During Shutdown

Looks like the part-time/hourly folks who work at the Wells Fargo Center are going to be taken care of during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Via Comcast Corporate Communications, all game-day employees who were originally scheduled to work Flyers, Sixers, and Wings games will be paid their scheduled hours through the end of March. 

For reference, there were seven Sixers games, five Flyers games, and two Wings games scheduled for the rest of this month, so employees will be paid what they would have worked during those 14 events. The Sixers announced earlier today that they would also be paying the part-time employees who do their basketball games down at the Wells Fargo Center.

The only employees not covered so far are those who work for Aramark (food, concourse), so I’ll see if they have a statement about getting those folks paid during the shutdown. I’m honestly not sure how many workers they oversee, so we’ll try to get that cleared up.


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  1. When Aramark comes back to work let the employees keep all the money the company makes at one event. Who the fuck would pay 14.00 for a warm beer. Highway robbery and the ownership laughing at the fool fans.

  2. Aramark is too cheap of a company to pay their employees for work. Mind you aramark work with the union of the workers, so it’s futile to even suggest paying the workers free money.

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