Could March Madness Be Cancelled? One Expert Appearing on CNBC Today Thinks So

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been accused of being alarmist with regard to Coronavirus. The N95 masks that arrived a month ago seemed like overkill at the time. So did the electrolyte drinks and food and water. But now that COVID-19 in undeniably here, those precautions seem the norm, if not prescient.

Next comes mass disruption to daily life. And among the nation’s largest gathering spots are sporting events. I have two standing bets with our writers for $100 each at even odds that NCAA Tournament will be played in empty arenas. If it’s played at all.

That notion was radical just 3-4 days ago, but now it’s being presented as a sane option by at least one expert.

This morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Dr. Matt McCarthy, author of Superbugs and a professor at Cornell’s school of medicine offered one of the most sobering and frightening takes on the Coronavirus and how it will impact daily life in America.

For real, you should watch this entire interview, because it’s the most succinct argument I’ve seen for the current measures not being nearly enough to contain and stop the spread of the virus.

This part is noteworthy:

“Widespread surveillance [testing for the virus] is going to start giving us information so we can begin to make these informed decisions about whether March Madness needs to be cancelled.”

“We’re gonna see school closures here. We’re hearing that life’s going to go about just like normal– that’s not true.”

This comes on the heels of National College Players Association, a non-profit group that advocates for athletes, imploring the NCAA to cancel meet-and-greets and to consider whether the NCAA Tournament should be played with no fans in attendance.

That might be the least disruptive part of all of this.

Here’s the full video, which I highly encourage you to watch.

NYC ER doctor: I have to ‘plead to test people’ for coronavirus from CNBC.


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