Dan Orlovsky Almost Loses it Explaining Why a Nick Foles Return Would be Terrible for the Eagles

I was very hesitant to do anything about Nick Foles today, but it’s relatively slow out there, so I figured I’d take the bait and dive in.

There was a segment on ESPN’s Get Up this morning where Carson Wentz defender Dan Orlovsky took on Mike Tannenbaum, who thinks Philly would be a good landing spot for Foles (whom the Jags are reportedly looking to trade). Public enemy #1, Josina Anderson, was also on set. She goes STRAIGHT to the top of my shit list and should also be at the top of yours.

Here’s Orlovsky explaining why the Eagles should not bring back Nick Foles:

I agree 100% with everything Orlovsky said. Bringing Nick back would be an absolute shit show for the reasons stated.

Carry on.

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5 Responses

  1. I like winning Superbowls so I personally would not be opposed to Nick coming back

  2. Josina Anderson is the worst. Look at that smug, pretentious, shit eating look on her face that whole time. She just wants chaos so that her fuckboy Alshon can give her leaks that she can anonymously quote to get her kermit the frog voice on TV more often

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