Donovan Mitchell Has the Coronavirus

Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

He has Rudy Gobert to thank for this:

Shams with a bit of a positive nugget:

That’s good to hear, seriously.

For what it’s worth, NBA Stats says Gobert was matched up mostly with Christian Wood the other night, about 39% of Utah defensive possessions. Last night, Wood guarded Joel Embiid at times, but most of his action on both ends of the floor took place against Al Horford.

All of that seems kind of moot, though. If these guys were sharing a ball and sweating and breathing on each other and contaminating locker rooms, then just shut it all down, get every NBA player and employee tested, take a few weeks off, and go from there.

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9 Responses

  1. I am loving writing about the coronavirus. I haven’t been this excited since the last time a highly rated draft prospect played in his bowl game and got injured

    1. that’s funny and so true. FLorio is the voice for all issues, just ask him. He probably will tie Kapernick into the conversation

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