Eagles Reportedly Thought DeAndre Hopkins Trade “Wasn’t Worth It”

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that made everybody scratch their head and say “what the hell,” the Houston Texans sent DeAndre Hopkins and a fourth round pick to Arizona this week for David Johnson, a second rounder, and a fourth rounder.

Bill O’Brien didn’t get a first rounder in return for his elite, 27-year-old, 1,000 yard receiver.

Apparently the Eagles were sniffing around on Hopkins prior to the Arizona deal, but didn’t proceed, according to Adam Schefter:

Hopkins is set to make $12.5 million this year, so he’s around 7th in the league at the wide receiver position. Alshon Jeffery is the highest paid Eagles receiver at just under $10 million, for comparison.

Assuming the draft picks were the same, and the Texans asked for a player in return, would you make that trade? A second, a fourth, and a player going to Houston for Hopkins and his $12.5 million salary? I think I would. Elite receivers don’t grow on trees, and even though this draft class is said to be one of the best ever, there’s no guaranteeing that one of Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, or Henry Ruggs becomes the next Hopkins (or even comes close to what he’s done in the NFL).

Look at these career numbers:

Always healthy, too. The Eagles had a chance to #DoTheDeal but decided not to pursue, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, they’re committed to getting younger, but Hopkins isn’t exactly a dinosaur. He still has good years ahead of him.


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  1. Hopkins has a lack of injury history, best hands in the NFL and creates way too much seperation. All negatives for cheap Howie.

  2. Imagine getting pimple neck wentz a weapon like Hopkins for a bag of footballs . Howie is a pussy

  3. Would I have made that deal and locked up a Top 3 receiver, in his prime, giving Wentz the best weapon he’s had in his career? Ummmmmmm yeah I’d do it. Howie’s drafting has been mostly piss poor at best so I don’t trust him drafting receivers, and if his rationale is “well Hopkins will want too much money!” ……well A) you’ve got a ton of cap room and B) you’d have even more cap room if you hadn’t screwed up royally with Alshon’s contract, which at least now you’ll take less of a hit on with the new CBA
    #Fire Howie

  4. The Eagles have the worst secondary in all of football (including College) as well as having zero quality starters at linebacker, and we’re supposed to have faith in the boy genius Howie Roseman?

  5. Wasn’t worth it or couldn’t afford it?

    Huge difference.

    If we can’t trade Alshon and can’t afford to cut him, then it’s not as easy as us not wanting to pay the asking price.

  6. Well Lurie told me i can comeout the Back Office now. Trade Shaggy now to the Bengals. Howie u deserve the back office

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