Flyers Win Over Hurricanes Drew Best TV Ratings in Seven Years

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get Flyered up.

The eight-game winning streak means people are watching the local hockey team again:

10/2/2013 was the season opener seven years ago, when the Flyers lost 3-1 to the Maple Leafs. That was the year that Peter Laviolette only lasted a few games before he was fired and replaced by Craig Berube, and the Flyers went on to finish 42-30-10 with a first round playoff exit to Alain Vigneault’s Rangers.

Funny enough, the Sixers are on pace to pull their best local ratings ever. That was expected, but the Flyers getting hot in the second half of the season is an added boost for NBC Sports Philadelphia, which is really having a fantastic TV and streaming year on the strength of both winter teams drawing interest.


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  1. Listen Moxley, I don’t need a title to make me Le Champion you stupid son of a bitch!

  2. Sure would be nice for NBC Sports Philadelphia to improve their daytime programming. They have a 10 minute sports wrap segment that they loop for like 6 hours in the morning, infomercials , then a syndicated radio show that they video broadcast . On non- game nights they often repeat the radio show in prime time. Almost no Phillies spring training games are being shown. This TV station has turned into a sports graveyard. Anyone else irked at the Radio show being a huge part of their programming?

    If I wanted to listen to that radio show I would turn my radio app on.

    1. Bring back PRISM like it was in the 90’s. In between Flyers games, they can put on Terminator 2 and The Fugitive over and over again. Those were the days

  3. Why don’t we all meet somewhere and gay it up!! I’ll bring the whipppets and astroglide!!!

  4. Hank Goldberg

    LOUISVILLE @ VIRGINIA | 3/07 | 4:00 PM EST
    9:13 AM
    Louisville is not the same team on the road as it is at home. The Cardinals are just 6-4 on the road, and the difference has been defense. They’re allowing 69.2 points a game on the road versus 60.4 at home. On Saturday they face a Virginia team that has won seven straight and thrives in close games. Cavs cover.

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