We’re in the midst of an unprecedented time in our lifetime with schools closing, non-essential businesses being ordered to shut down, and only a few restaurants remaining open to deliver and offer takeout. While we support local business and hope that everyone can remain financially afloat in this challenging time, now is as good a time as ever to grill from home while you work from home.

Thanks to our friends at Cynch, you can fuel your grill while working on your computer in the backyard without ever having to leave your quarantined zone. That’s because Cynch will deliver a brand-new, full propane tank to your home with just a few clicks.

Don’t embarrass yourself by running out of propane mid-grill. Check out Cynch’s website to set up your delivery today. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve grilled and your significant other has begged you to get rid of that  cobweb-laden propane tank from a decade ago sitting in the back of your shed. Save a few bucks and let Cynch take it away as part of your exchange for just $10 using our promo code ITSLIT5.

If you don’t happen to have that old tank collecting dust in the back of your shed, Cynch will deliver a brand-new tank with no exchange required for just $49.99.

By the way, propane’s use isn’t limited to grilling. Want to spend some time outside with a chilly breeze? Use propane to fuel your outdoor heater. Power go out? Propane-fueled generators can do the trick. Want to gather the family around a firepit without the wood chopping and ashy mess? Propane. Our friends at Cynch are the masters in utilizing propane in a variety of ways and what sets them apart from everyone else is their incredibly convenient, low-cost delivery service.

Make sure to order your Cynch tank to be fully prepared. They’ll even take away your old tank for free. Use our promo code ITSLIT5 to get your first tank exchange for only $10!

Plus, as a new feature to make things even easier for your delivery, Cynch will now pick up a tank from alongside your house or even your backyard! If you’re a current/returning customer, use promo code Spring3 for $3 off any tank you order!