Here’s Doc Emrick Doing Play-by-Play of a Windshield Wiper Installation

Everybody is trying to get creative while stuck at home.

Athletes are filming their basement workouts. Celebrities are singing an awful version of John Lennon’s Imagine. Broadcasters are narrating non-sports activities in an effort to provide a few laughs.

One of those folks is the great Doc Emrick, who is doing play-by-play of normal activities, as you can see in this video here:

“He’s going to put on a windshield wiper. It’s a clamp apparatus that snaps around to the driver’s side windshield. It snips on like that, clamps down like that, and it’s flat on the windshield.”

Joe Buck also agreed to do play-by-play of video clips that are submitted to him, with one caveat. You have to pledge to donate to a charitable cause during the crisis.

Here’s Buck doing PBP of his wife and kid:

“a half-ass Fred Flintstone” 

Pretty good!