Howard Eskin Calls Crossing Broad “Insignificant” Without Hint of Irony

howard eskin

Here’s the thing with Howard Eskin: when you mention his name, a lot of local folks will say something like “yeah but we heard he’s actually a good guy in-person.”

Maybe he is. Eskin is one of the few people in this racket I haven’t met or interacted with in some way. Some people who know him claim that he’s good-hearted. Fair enough. But others in the space think he’s an egomaniac dope who lambastes teams and players without seeking out all the facts and then shows up a day later and disingenuously tries to be buddy-buddy with them because he gets off on attention from famous people.

Ultimately, that’s Howard’s shtick: Be a douche publicly, but privately try to claim it’s all in good fun.

Happy to weigh in on the public part.

Here’s Howard on the radio on… checks calendar… early on Saturday morning, responding to a caller who brought up Kevin’s piece on sports talk radio callers:

“I don’t read the website All they do is put stuff up there to try to get people stirred up… when they put my name up there it’s just so they can get clicks.”

”The website of Crossing Broad is so insignificant in our world. Totally insignificant.”

Howard Eskin saying we write things to get clicks is like a urinal cake telling a fire hydrant he smells like piss. Howard has been the greatest sports talk radio troll for decades. Of course we write things for clicks (though I’ll note our business model is no longer predicated on this as we don’t rely on programmatic ads), much the same way Eskin has been throwing out half-assed, ill-informed hot takes for years. The problem is, Eskin never reinvented himself, and eventually more informed sports discourse exposed him for the clown that he is. Angelo Cataldi does the same thing, but the difference is Cataldi is actually entertaining.

And that brings us to point number two, which is insignifcance.

It was apparently without irony that Eskin uttered this somewhere between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, during that coveted time slot he has at the station where his son is the program director. I couldn’t imagine being that significant!

Eskin is often credited with working hard. Fair. I respect that he’s at virtually every Philly sporting event, even if he has no actual need to be there because, you know, he barely has an outlet, much less one that requires his presence. But he likes to see and be seen and then leave sometime during the game, unless it’s a situation where he can grill a GM or owner when the cameras are on. Or if he’s on the cross-field NFL on FOX shot with his colored Beats.

Eskin really isn’t relevant enough to get worked up about, but you know, I like the clicks.


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    1. I mean – this is a bad take. Eskin has made his mark, he has for decades – so his minimal work schedule today has nothing to do on his historic career in sports media.
      If Crossing Broad accomplishes a fraction of what Howard has, then I guess you can consider yourself a success.

      1. Eskin has been insignificant for almost 10 years. Yes, he had his run, though I never liked him, but it’s over. If it weren’t for his son, he would be asking Kyle for a job

  1. If you were being honest with yourself then you would know he is correct. You are an insignificant site whose most trafficked stories are barely if at all about sports. The ones that are sports related are usually just copy and paste jobs from other sites.And he might have never reinvented himself, but your site went from selling garbage shirts to selling garbage gambling information. That’s hardly any better. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go take a very long shower after agreeing with Howard.

  2. where has Arthur been?

  3. Howie always criticizes the Sixers and Phillies but never the team he works for the Eagles. Carson Wentz is a bumb and will never win a ring Howie. Atleast Ben Simmons has won a playoffs game and series unlike the fraud Wentz. Hey Howie you and your organization that you work for got rid of the better Qb. You will never be able to top Foles Howie. He beat the best Qb and Best coach of All time. I laugh at this fool.

    1. Maybe Wentz allowed Howard to carry his golf bag during an outing? That’s how Mike Schmidt and Charles Barkley got on his “Do Not Say Bad Things About on Air” list.

      And just between me and you again Howard: Carson Wentz is equal to Joel Embiid in the “China doll” category. Eagles will Never…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever… win another championship with Carson Wentz as the QB. Remember the crushing hit Nick Foles took on that game winning drive against the Houston Texans 12-23-2018 by Jadeveon Clowney? If that was Wentz: He would had been out the rest of the game. Guarantee it!

      Get a clue Howard!

    2. You are a flaming idiot. Wentz is a bum? You don’t know football. And in basketball you get a minimum of 4 tries to win a game in any series. You are a clueless douchebag!

  4. Howeird your boy Mark (Scammer) Lawrence on your fraud radio show went 0-17 in the NFL Playoffs and College bowl games combined and lost 3 Game of the year plays. Howeird are you and your fraud scamdicapper out of money yet. Please keep them fades coming.

    1. as a degenerate gambler myself i can attest to the fact that Marc Lawrence is a complete joke. He charges an obscene price for his picks and lies about his record. He, along with the other “experts”, offer free picks on the website, yet you can make a decent chunk of change just fading those free picks they’re so bad. I do a lot of times.

  5. “All they do is put stuff up there to try to get people stirred up…” Howard you have got to be kidding? All you do is spew a bunch of nonsense on your saturday morning radio show to get listeners annoyed enough to call in. Remember you doing this very thing back in 2004 about Allen Iverson, and it led to you being suspended from WIP for 30 days!

    And just between me and you Howard. The 3 minute diatribe you went on this past Saturday (03/07/2020) about how your sports news reporter should stop referring to “The Wells Fargo Center” as “The Center” was just terrible radio. Caused me to turn on your competitor’s station (97.5 The Fanatic) for the remainder of the morning.

  6. Eskin isn’t wrong. You felt the need to blog about it, didn’t you?

  7. what a miserable article. These writers are an absolute disgrace. Total Idiots.

  8. Oh I like this one… One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy’s sayin’, “Whadda ya want from me?’

  9. Acknowledge me , contribute to my charity and I’ll be your biggest advocate, the praise will be never ending. e.g. Charles Barkley,Schmitty,Andy Reid. Diss me and I’ll call you Benamin because you have no J. Pay your respects to the King or suffer the consequences.

  10. Take the biggest guy in the world, shatter his knee and he’ll drop like a stone.

    1. WIP has a sign hangin’ over the urinal that says, “Don’t eat the big white mint”.

    2. Get those firemen in here. I wanna buy them a drink. They risked their lives to save a no-good-f@ggot-draft-dodger like Red Webster

  11. I got married to an ugly woman. Don’t ever do that. It just takes the energy right out of you. She left me, though. Found somebody even uglier than she was. That’s life. Who can explain it?

  12. We gotta win that fight tonight. We gotta get EVEN with those Socs! Let’s do it for Johnny, man. We’ll do it for Johnny!

  13. Who the hell even listen to old man Howard? This old fart is so out of touch . And spike is no better ! Crossing Board IS significant !!! Sarah Bloomquist is a major hottie !!!

  14. I love when people call him out for being a Cowboys fan in the ’90s. Now he claims he was just a Jimmy Johnson fan. Total fraud!!!!!

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