Jalen Mills Will Be An Eagle in 2020, but Malcolm Jenkins Will Not

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Jeez, this just crossed social media:

Not sure that’s the right move. Jenkins was super reliable, steady, flexible, a fantastic leader, etc. The Eagles have pretty much nothing behind him at strong safety and let’s hope there’s a semblance of a plan moving forward. He wanted a little bit more money and, quite frankly, deserved all of it. We’re talking about a guy who played literally every single snap for the last two seasons (after winning a Super Bowl).

Also, 20 minutes earlier this came out, with Josina Anderson getting it first:

Eagles fans always seem to be arguing about Mills, or split when it comes to opinions of his play. Is he elite? No, but he’s always been very good in the red zone and seems to be able to get the job done more often than not, which is tough when you’re a cornerback playing on an island in Jim Schwartz’s scheme. Seriously. It’s a not exactly a corner-friendly scheme, and if the pass rush isn’t getting home, then it gets a little dicey out there. We’ll see how he does playing safety, if Josina’s report comes to fruition. They need anything they can get there after moving on from Jenkins.

The Birds didn’t go for Byron Jones or any high-priced corners in free agency, and maybe that’s something they look to address in the draft, but Howie Roseman doesn’t have a fantastic record of nailing that position each time April comes around. Let’s hope that changes this year.

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11 Responses

  1. Kevin

    My sources indicate that Ellis Hobbs and Macho Harris are coming back. Can you confirm?

    Also, any updates on the Union? We all care dearly. We have been screaming DOOP while at home

  2. We’re just glad that Chris Long donated his salary to Malcolm’s Social Justice causes; obviously it has done a lot of great things. 🙄

    1. Murder rate in Phila is growing faster than coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, Kenney is pushing his soda tax and anti-blackface measures

  3. She has basically taken over the show. Might as well send Mike to the old age home.

  4. If the rumors are true about Brady to the Cowboys, Dak traded to the Eagles for two first rounders and Wentz traded to Tennessee for a second and a third then I’m on board.

  5. Ovoerplayed your hand Xcrement….PLAY THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED…
    X: I ain’t playing for that number
    Eagles: Fine. Beat it sp00k….

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