Jim’s Steaks Laid Off 75% of Staff


You’re gonna see a lot more stories like this with restaurants and other businesses trying to scrape by while we’re riding out the Coronavirus.

Via Kennedy Rose at the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Customer numbers have dipped so low that Jim’s laid off 75% of its 32-person staff, said Kenneth silver, the second-generation owner of the shop.

“It’s horrible and it’s gut wrenching,” Silver said.

When the restrictions on restaurants lift, Silver intends to hire back the laid off staff. He worries those staffers, who he said were like family, won’t come back to Jim’s after finding other work.

Makes you wonder how many people will try to redirect their careers into essential and/or recession-proof lines of work once we make it through this thing. What a mess.


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7 Responses

  1. If Jim’s has 32 employees and they lay off 75% how many employees remain?

    1. That leaves only 8 profusely sweating, convicted felons who are probably under the influence; to grill your delicious cheesesteak.

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