Kenny Albert is Recording Personal Messages for Charity

You’ve seen a number of broadcasters turn to social media while stuck in self-isolation.

Doc Emrick has provided video clips about windshield wipers and horse poop. Joe Buck mentioned that his son was dressed like a “half-assed Fred Flintstone.”

Now Kenny Albert, son of Marv, is getting in on the act, with a custom message campaign in which proceeds will go to charity:

Cameo is the site where you pay a fee and celebrities record a personal message for you. I could, for example, give Lisa Loeb 50 bucks to say, “that guy who posts in the comments section as ‘The Kernal’ is a real moron.”

Some other celebs are jumping on the charity bandwagon. Right next to Albert on the Cameo website is Rachel Dratch of Saturday Night Live fame. She’s doing $60 recordings with all proceeds going to the Restaurant Workers’ Relief Fund. Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules is charging $40 to raise money for Feeding America. There are some other athletes and sports media personalities on there as well, and as Kenny says, more broadcasters will be participating.

Good to see folks getting creative here to do their part in the CORONAVIRUS battle.

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    Why wasn’t Israel developed prior to 1950?!?!

    You can’t answer it , can you?!?!?

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