You like that?


Kirk Cousins is getting an extension up there in Minnesota:

Cousins had a Pro Bowl year, throwing for 3,600 yards with 26 touchdowns, six interceptions, and a 69.1 completion percentage. Minnesota did run the ball a ton, coming in fourth in the league with 476 attempts, and only threw the ball 466 times, which was 28th in the league, behind Baltimore and Tennessee. Take that into a consideration when offering any kind of Cousins take.

You saw the Viking offense come to halt in San Francisco, when the Niners went up 17-10 and then Kirk and company mustered three-straight three and outs and sputtered to a 17-point loss. Most teams had trouble playing against the San Fran defense out in California, so it wasn’t exactly unique, that game. The New Orleans playoff win did a ton for him. His agent is fantastic.

Cousins is 6-3 against the Eagle, but the Vikings aren’t on the schedule in 2020, so no matchup unless both teams get to the postseason.