Local Athletes Join Ben Simmons’ “Philly Pledge” to Raise Money for Coronavirus Fight

Friday, Sixers’ star Ben Simmons launched an initiative called “Philly Pledge” to direct Coronavirus donations to two worthwhile groups.

One of those is Philabundance, the hunger relief organization that you’re probably familiar with. The non-profit distributes food to almost 100,000 people in the Delaware Valley each week. The second is PHL COVID-19, which is described as such on the Philly Pledge website:

PHL COVID-19, has been set up as a direct response to help the nonprofit sector continue to do what they do best – assist at risk community groups such as the elderly, disabled, homeless and economically disadvantaged through a range of essential social services.

Already, local athletes from a variety of sports have joined Simmons in donating to these causes.

Among them are Scott Kingery:

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez:

Zach and Julie Ertz:

And a ton of others, such as Jalen Mills, Andrew Knapp, Bryce Harper, Claude Giroux, and Rhys Hoskins. That only includes athletes, too, and not individuals or business owners who have also kicked in.

It’s great to see Ben Simmons step up to the plate with this, though it shouldn’t be surprising. Ben donated in January for wildfire relief in his native Australia, an effort including other players that raised $750,000. He’s put his money where his mouth is before, and this is a fantastic gesture from a guy who, according to some people, hates Philly and can’t wait to join the Lakers.

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11 Responses

  1. I believe some of this.

    A little skeptical about Ben’s involvement. We all know who started those wildfires in Australia. We know the liberal media covered it up and the suddenly stopped reporting about it when the fires were out. Something is fishy here.

    It’s not the virus. It’s the home invasions. The liberal media won’t tell you about that.


    I believe Kingery and Hoskins and (the like).

  2. Maybe some idiots in Jersey can get a party together a raise some money.
    Stupid fucking assholes…………..

  3. Big fan of the kids in my neighborhood playing pickup basketball games at the nearby playground

  4. Joe Biden is better suited to handle crisis like this. Republicans are so stupid. The constitution is outdated. Racism is still the greatest threat to America, ban hate speech now!

  5. Slow down there sjw. Without hate speech I have nothing. If I can’t prop myself up by putting others down (anonymously) – I have no hobby.

    Democrats don’t invent stuff. Fact.

    Settle down lefty.


  6. Natalie and Tyrone can move-in with Woke Mikey Miss. They just have to obey the House rules:
    Don’t complain about the cigar smoke, Natalie walks the dog, and Tyrone holds the lantern wearing his jockey outfit.

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