Matt Rhule Brings Another Former Temple Owl to Carolina

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Robby Anderson is reuniting with Matt Rhule down in Charlotte:

If you’re keeping track, that’s Tahir Whitehead, P.J. Walker, and now Anderson linking up with their former college coach in 2020 (Whitehead was in North Philly while Rhule was an assistant, before he came back to take the head coaching gig).

Anderson is a deep threat, a “take the top off the defense” type of dude who ironically is being added on the day that Cam Newton was also released. He’ll catch passes from one of Teddy Bridgewater, Will Grier, or Walker next season. In 2019, he put up 779 yards and five touchdowns on 52 receptions, which is pretty good considering how bad the Jets offense was even after Sam Darnold returned from the mono/spleen issue that caused him to miss a few games.


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  1. Northeast Philly looking Matty pulling a chip kelly with all his ex college players

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    1. I bet it’s because that land was a useless desert before the “you know who’s “ got there and developed it?

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