Michael Rubin is Using Fanatics Factory to Make Coronavirus Masks and Gowns

via Twitter (Michael Rubin)

Co-owner Michael Rubin was not exempt from criticism when the Sixers went through Tuesday’s public relations rollercoaster, reversing course after initially announcing a plan to temporarily reduce employee pay via staggered furloughs.

Fast forward to today, with Rubin announcing that the Fanatics factory in Easton would be shifting 100 workers to the production of masks and gowns in an effort to help combat the Coronavirus crisis.

Here’s a thread explaining what they’re doing, via Rubin himself:

Great stuff. Big win for Rubin, who has done a lot of work with criminal justice reform and other charitable and social endeavors in the past. Nice to see people with resources stepping up and trying to make a difference.

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14 Responses

  1. Sounds like more PR than anything. Do these masks meet the standards necessary for actual medical use? Also what is his criminal justice reform besides getting his rapping friend off the hook?

    1. Medical use…..doubtful…UNLESS he has the correct materials
      Meek Mill should have been given the chair.
      fucking pogue.

  2. Great read Kevin! Enjoy the work all of you guys put in to provide to us with great content. Slight correction though, Michael Rubin was probably the ONLY exempt person from criticism in the horrific lack of empathy showed by the top brass of the Sixers. He was the only one on record who was vehemently opposed to the idea.

  3. America is so stupid. But they give me an my family everything we need to survive so I’ll chill the fuck out.

  4. In all seriousness, Israel was a baron wasteland before 1950. That says a lot about its previous inhabitants.

  5. I noticed you learned about the enormous wealth of your people yesterday.

    Your people are doing much better that you even knew.

    See – you are capable of learning. That’s what an education is – learning.

    You still mad, bro?

    Oh – Khalid – what is a baron wasteland?


    1. Yea, no Muslim country has ever generated wealth without the help of white Christians

      1. Actually Khalid – Israel was much more dependent on the US than other Muslim countries. The US funneled cash to Israel in the 50’s and 60’s that catapulted the economy. We built Israel.

        Your people just gouged the US for oil and used that money to build the most modern cities in the world and some very strong economies.

        Some of your people worked hard and smart and became successful.

        Some didn’t. These people don’t enjoy great lifestyles and struggle (sound familiar? )

        This learning has to be exciting for you.

        Have a great day.

  6. In other new Wawa is stopping made to order food when they realized how gross gas station food service is.

  7. No baseball, No T-Mac. Glad I missed The Fanatic today. T-Mac was apparently interviewed and that is more depressing than the virus.

  8. I studied world economics whilst attending the Wharton school of business. The Middle Eastern countries you speak of are weak at best. 100% based on oil. An industry on its way out the door. Your people have no back up plan because they are incapable. History has proven this over and over again.

  9. Khalid – this learning is really helping. It seems once you lose one argument, you change your stance and lose another argument. It’s an embarrassing way to learn, but it’s working for you.

    We all know you are anti-education, so the Wharton comment was good for a laugh.

    Anyway – oil isn’t going anywhere. Demand may just slow down a little.
    Tourism in the most modern countries in the world is huge. Your people have the best hotels etc around. Construction and manufacturing is fueled by the great influx of revenue. All created by supply and demand – not Socialist free money that you enjoy in your row.

    Let’s review: one of your first failed arguments was that no Muslim countries (your people) had wealth. You also said Israel got wealthy on their own. We have proven both of those arguments wrong ( you keep learning).

    Your new stance is to predict the future – so you won’t be able to be proven wrong. Very childlike – but expected. You aren’t equipped.

    Have a great day. Be proud of your people.

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