More Layoffs at Sports Illustrated

The latest Sports Illustrated Cover

Bad time to work for Sports Illustrated.

Back in October, there was a massive round of layoffs after previous owner Meredith decided to sell to a new company, which licensed the publishing rights to a group called TheMaven. Nearly half of the staff was let go.

Fast forward five months, and more cuts are taking place, via Sara Fischer at Axios:

Chris Ballard was the name I recognized the most. He wrote NBA stories and specialized in long form pieces:

Other people let go:

  • Tom Mantzouranis (senior video producer)
  • Jack Dickey (editor and writer)
  • Kalyn Kahler (writer)
  • Sarah Kwak (editor)
  • other editorial staff

Seems like this is just the beginning. We’re gonna hear about more furloughs and layoffs and cuts as sports media outlets try to navigate a world in which there are no sports.

Locally, there hasn’t been much movement thus far, with the Inquirer reassigning a few sports writers to news beats as a short-term solution. NFL free agency and and the upcoming draft have been critical in keeping the gears grinding here in Philly, but I do wonder what happens when that well dries up in May or June if the arenas remain empty.

Something to keep an eye on.

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5 Responses

  1. Although I still read actual magazines and newspapers I know I am the exception, not the rule. SI hasn’t been relevant for the last 5 years

  2. You could blame this on the lack of sports if it just started happening, but these mass layoffs have been a regular part of the business for years. In fact SI hasn’t been involved in the day to day sports world in years so they should have been least affected. The Corona virus is more of an excuse to the actual reality that SI had nothing to offer or current sports world.

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