Roger Goodell Will Not Reschedule NFL Draft, Which He Says Serves a “Very Positive Purpose”

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Dianna Russini and Adam Schefter reported that the NFL’s general manager subcommittee suggested to Roger Goodell that he move back April’s draft due to COVID-19.

Goodell decided not to do that, forging on with the original plan to run an appropriately stripped-down version of the draft from 4/23 to 4/25. The league office then sent out this memo to teams, which was shared by Schefty:

The second-to-last paragraph sticks out. Any public discussion is “grounds for disciplinary action” basically translates to “know your role and shut your mouth, we’re doing this.”

And Goodell is spot-on when he talks about the “positive purpose” of moving forward with the draft. This is something for people to look forward to during a time when they’re anxious and a little depressed. Morale is important, and holding the draft would be a really nice adrenaline boost for starved sports fans.

Plus, if people are watching the draft, it means they’re inside and sitting in front of TV, and not outside doing dumb things like ordering from a Wawa touch screen.


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  1. When you OWN, you don’t punch a time card. Lol. Is your boss giving you PTO? Lol

  2. You got something right again! You were owned.

    The drunken posts about your take home Ebitda kind of ruined your chances of anyone believing you are self employed.

    Just sayin. Maybe try something else. The kids in the lemonade stands are laughing at your business prowess.

    1. You alright ?

      You seem mad?

      Turns out you don’t know much about anything. Sad.

      Glad I could teach you some stuff. Strap the Velcro down on your sneakers and walk around the block. Don’t lick any windows.

  3. I just am worried about teams not being able to bring these players in for medicals or interviews. Big year for the Eagles to try and snag a new #1 receiver and they are basically just guessing which of these bab^^ns will mesh with Carson.

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