Sarcastic Kevin Hayes Not Into Sam Carchidi Joke

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL suspended play on Thursday, right in the middle of the best run the Flyers have been on in quite a while.

A short time after the league made that announcement, the analytics site “Money Puck” ran data on playoff and championship projections, and the Flyers finished at the top with a 13.6% chance of winning the Stanley Cup:

99.9% chance for the Flyers to make the playoffs. 23.1% chance to go to the finals. Maybe you’re a data person or maybe you aren’t.

Anyway, Inquirer writer Sam Carchidi quote tweeted that with a Claude Giroux joke and Kevin Hayes responded with this:



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    1. He was directly responsible for Rob Ellis, Steve Martorano, Johnny Marks, Glenn Macnow and Jason Myrtetus losing their jobs as his co-host, because your boy the Cuz is a slimy, back-stabbing, self-centered piece of crap.

      1. Marks left for a better gig. Like Cuz, the rest of those clowns never got ratings. Cuz survived because of his sponsors: primos, bob means jobs, the uncles, etc.

      2. I went to grade school 9St Jude’s-Blackwood, NJ) and high school (Paul VI-Haddon Twp, NJ) with that fat slob fraud.
        Martorano thought he was a mobster, Ellis is boring, Glen is great with Ray and Myrtetus was the fall guy

    2. Amazing phone calls.

  1. I am very happy for Brett and his family and for loyal Sixers fan who realize he is one of the best coaches in the league.

  2. “do you want fries with that?”

    With no sports to blog and nobody clicking on your incessant gambling ads, how will this site sustain revenue? Unless Kyle asks you to come to his palatial quaker town estate to pack Tee shirts, he’s going to kick you to the curb, bro. You don’t think Kyle will dig into his own pockets do you? The other fan boys on this site all have full time gigs. Get a jump on all the other applications and get out there now, Kink-O

    -Jim Adair

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