Someone Put Together a Philly Sports Podcasts vs. Radio Shows Bracket

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March Madness may cancelled, but Twitter user Kyle Carney (@k014c) did the greater Philadelphia area a true service by creating the #PhillySportsMedia March Madness bracket. It just so happens that FOUR of our podcasts -Crossing Broadcast, Snow The Goalie, Crossed Up, and It’s Always Soccer In Philadelphia- qualified for the tournament:

Let’s break it down for your voting consideration.

The East Bracket

#1 Macnow & Didinger v. #8 Pulse of Porter

It’s a battle of 94.1 WIP as one of the perennial favorites of Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger take on their fellow Entercom personality Andrew Porter.

#5 Joe Giglio v. #4 Snow The Goalie

The ONLY Flyers podcast, featuring Crossing Broad’s Anthony SanFilippo and Russ Joy, goes toe-to-toe with 94.1 WIP’s Evenings host Joe Giglio. It’s sure to be a heated battle and one that you can vote on here:

#3 Josh Innes v. # 6 Stick 2 Hockey

This one will be sure to spark a heated back-and-forth as former WIP bad boy and epitome of the shock jock Josh Innes (who’s been hosting a podcast) takes on former 97.5 The Fanatic midday host and current anchor of the Flyers Broadcast Network Jason Myrtetus and radio/podcast host Russ Cohen.

#7 We The Process v. #2 Marks & Reese

The Liberty Line’s Sixers podcast takes on a heavy favorite in 94.1 WIP’s afternoon show of Jon Marks and Ike Reese. Could this be the biggest upset of the first round?

The South Bracket

#1 Howard Eskin v. #8 Trash Talk

The former drivetime radio host, current weekend radio personality, and Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin enters his first round matchup as a heavy favorite. Love him or hate him, Trash Talk’s host Tom Kelly -also of 94.1 WIP- has a pretty huge, fur-coat-wearing obstacle in his path.

#5 Jody McDonald v. #4 The Rights to Ricky Sanchez

I’ll be honest. I have no clue how RTRS is a #4 seed. Spike Eskin and Mike Levin host what is probably the most listened to podcast in all of the Delaware Valley and I don’t think it’s particularly close. If you’re Jody McDonald, do you really want to beat your program director?

#3 Inside the Birds v. #6 Crossing Broadcast

Will the duo of Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan be able to hold off the Crossing Broad quartet of Kevin Kinkead, Anthony SanFilippo, Bob Wankel, and Russ Joy? We report, you decide:

#7 Sports & Stilettos v. #2 Farzetta & Tra

Can Breezy of the Sports and Stilettos podcast upset the 97.5 The Fanatic’s morning show? Breezy is one of very few female representatives in this tournament and deserves a real look in this one. Marc Farzetta and Tra Thomas have settled in nicely in the mornings and could have a difficult second round matchup if they were to advance.

The North Bracket

#1 Mike Missanelli v. #8 Big Daddy Graham

The self-proclaimed OUTRIGHT leader in Philly sports talk faces off against a man whom the region’s been showing tremendous support of since an emergency spinal cord surgery left him paralyzed from the waist down. Could this be the first #8 seed upset of a top seed?

#5 Philly Special v. #4 Anthony Gargano

It’s a trio of podcast personalities taking on the 97.5 Middays host. I’m honestly a bit surprised Gargano was installed as a #4 seed, but then again I didn’t make the bracket.

#3 Mayes & Shander v. #6 Crossed Up

This is a bit of a confusing matchup as Crossing Broad’s Phillies podcast, hosted by Bob Wankel and Anthony SanFilippo, enters as the underdog against a show that no longer exists in this iteration. Eytan Shander is still hosting a successful show on 97.3 ESPN, while Harry Mayes has been rumored to have left the show in pursuit of another opportunity. Vote:

#7 High Hopes v. #2 Tony Bruno

The former parter of the aforementioned Mayes, radio staple Tony Bruno -who’s been hosting a successful podcast since leaving terrestrial radio- enters a tough matchup against the WIP trio of Jon Marks, James Seltzer, and Jack Fritz. Is 3 > 1?

The West Bracket

#1 Angelo Cataldi v. #8 Art Of The Take

This is perhaps my favorite matchup as the gold standard of morning sports talk shows takes on arguably the most unique podcast in the city at the moment. Can Angelo Cataldi, Rhea Hughes, Al Morganti, & Co. take down their boss Spike Eskin of the Art Of The Take, Justin Giglio of the Art Of The Take, and Jimbo Fritz of the Art Of The Take?

#5 Babes On Broad v. #4 DeCamara & Ritchie

Sam Wilson and Jessica Towne, who join Breezy as the only women represented in the tournament, take on the 94.1 WIP midday show duo of Joe DeCamara and former Eagle Jon Ritchie. This one is too close to call.

#3 Go Birds v. #6 It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia

The fourth Crossing Broad Podcast Network representative and the #1 source for Philadelphia Union talk hosted by Crossing Broad’s Kevin Kinkead faces off against a trio of hosts who talk about the other football. Will the WIP trio of Eliot Shorr-Parks, John Barchard, and James Seltzer be able to shut down Fishtown’s Finest? Time will tell.

#2 4th and Jawn v. #7 Phifth Quarter

Can The Phifth Quarter upset recent 102.5 Fox Sports The Gambler partner 4th and Jawn? Good to see The Mighty Erock bouncing back after NBC Sports Philadelphia inexplicably opted not to renew their deal with the show for the 2020 season. That’s hustle. #LookAtChu

Final Thoughts

Of course we’d love to have your votes in this fun tournament, but kudos to Kyle Carney for putting it together. We’ll have to see how the cookie crumbles in this first round.


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  1. No Sonny Hill in this bracket? Where is the Love & Respect that everyone has for Sonny?

  2. I thought this Covid-19 thing was a left wing media scare tactic.

    FOX News was saying it was a conspiracy. Now they are saying something completely different.

    Trump says he is a war time President and the virus snuck up on us. He also said he knew it was going to be bad before anybody else.

    So confusing.

    FYI – Eskin can’t be a 1 seed.

    1. from what i see here, it looks like you might be retarded

        1. lol and you think he is talking about the “virus” when he says invisible enemy. it has to stink being as low iq as you are. scare event is necessary

          1. Learn to write.

            I am starting to understand. It’s the ol’ fake conspiracy to uncover the real conspiracy theory. Very tricky indeed.

            Thanks for the clarification. Shhhh. Black helicopters.

    2. And yet your hero the hag Clinton couldn’t beat him and now you’re going to nominate either an 80 year old J socialist or an 80 year old with dementia. Thanks for the cakewalk second term.

    3. Trumps a moron…we get it. In spite of that, I will vote for him again over Joe Biden.

    1. Good point….very Woke….but live in a very safe & secure community.

      1. I agree. If you live among the people you hate and have achieved the same as them, it’s hard to be woke. We spent our life sleeping.

        Hate those people that get educated and succeed.

      1. I’m sitting here eating Chinese takeout while reading this…am I going to get it?

  3. I’m told there are ongoing discussions right now regarding the framework of a 3-year extension as part of a trade that would send CB Darius Slay to the #Eagles, per source.

  4. Chinese Virus: R@ci$t
    German Measles: Not R@ci$t
    Spanish Flu: Not R@ci$t

    1. Don’t forget when I called Ebola “that thing from Africa”. That’s ok too

    2. Fox said Covid-19 is real now, I’m confused too .. can we start a count down on how many more days this loser Trump is President

    1. Fox said Covid-19 is real now, I’m confused too .. can we start a count down on how many more days this loser Trump is President

        1. What kind of tool bag knows the exact # of days this loser will continue to be president, if he’s re-elected.

  5. She is not even worthy of a play-in spot. Sam Wilson is a much better choice. MCW would handily crush either of them in the first round.

    1. Aside from her Mayfair accent and SJW liberal opinions she’s a 10! Gorgeous piece

      1. Does she hang in Bars in North Philly with Mikey Miss & Tyrone? Or is that way too dangerous?

  6. farzetta and Thomas a #2? give me a break. that has to be the worst morning show on radio in the country! Erock? please, biggest tool since Hannity!

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