The Inquirer is Temporarily Reassigning Some Sports Writers

There are no sports right now, which makes it difficult for sports writers to do their job.

As such, the Philadelphia Inquirer is temporarily reassigning some of their folks to different areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Mike Sielski and Phil Anastasia:

The Inquirer’s “UpSide” section is branded as “Good News, Good Stories,” which sounds like something we could go for right now. We could use some positive stuff to help everybody’s mental health while we’re being bombarded with Coronavirus updates while stuck in our houses.

A sampling of stories on the UpSide page includes the following:

How to close the intention-behavior gap and do better at washing your hands

Your dog pictures are the joy we all need right now

Thanks to you, more homeless animals are being saved around Philly than ever

Makes sense to shuffle some things around during a time like this. As far as I can tell, the Eagles writers have been keeping busy with NFL free agency, while there are still enough lingering Flyers/Sixers/Phillies topics to get through the first week of this barren sports hellscape. As this thing drags on, we’re gonna be scraping the bottom of the barrel for top ten lists of whatever “Mount Rushmore” we can come up with.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to show the general public that we can write more than the typical “player X scored 15 points last night and had 10 rebounds.”


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  1. Hey sorry about the virus I created. But think of all the good stuff. Papers will go under. Combined businesses like sports clips and Hooters. Bad food bad haircuts but um tits.

  2. Just to let you know, I will continue in my current role of writing columns where I blame white people for everything

  3. Tick…tick….tick. Clock is ticking on your venmo gig with Kylee, KinkO. All your copypaste sources are moving on.

  4. Easter, Kink. That’s three weeks away. I took the Under on Kylee cutting you loose before then. Wankler wrote a post that FanDuel was offering odds on this very event.

    gamble, gamble, gamble. Gamble on hitching your blog to gambling.

  5. maybe they can deliver my Sunday paper….the guy we have sucks (and yeah, I get it, online, yada yada yada, I like reading the paper and I already PAID for delivery

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