Didn’t think there was anything wrong with the old logo, but I guess LA brass wanted to rebrand as part of the move into their new venue.

From the blurb on their website:

2020 is the start of a new era for the Los Angeles Rams – with a new home at SoFi Stadium, which will set a standard for sports and entertainment – and a new brand.  Since returning home to Los Angeles, the organization has worked to develop an identity that celebrates both the team’s storied history and the diverse and dynamic community of LA – a brand that respects the past and represents the future.  This new look is part of an effort to deliver an unprecedented experience for Rams fans, on Sundays and all year round.

Doesn’t it…

Doesn’t it kind of look like the Chargers logo?

Dunno. Maybe they could just merge two LA teams into one LA team and then perhaps they can fill a stadium with fans who are not from the opposing team.