The Philadelphia Parking Authority is Shutting Down Until March 30th

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is the second-worst entity in this city, second only to the Department of Revenue.

As such, I thought FOR SURE that they would continue their predatory and contemptible practices during the Coronavirus crisis, while thousands of additional people are working from home and just looking for a place to park their car while we ride this thing out.

However, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the PPA is relaxing enforcement of some rules during the pandemic, or at least I think that’s what they’re trying to say here, via press release:

Office Closures: In accordance with directives of the Governor and the Mayor, the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, the Parking Violations Branch and PPA administrative offices will be closed starting March 17th and reopen on Monday, March 30th, 2020.

Parking Enforcement: The Philadelphia Parking Authority will place a special emphasis on enforcing safety violations, but not to the exclusion of blatant violations that pose a threat to public order and safety such as double-parking, loading zone violations and blocking entranceways or crosswalks. It is essential that motorists park legally during this health crisis so as not to impede traffic flow or block emergency vehicle access.

My interpretation of that confusing statement is that they’ll let minor stuff slide but ticket people who are blatant assholes (double parkers and handicap zone violators, etc). Other things will be appropriately put on the back burner.

RE: PPA complaints, I know some people say, “well if you just park where you’re supposed to park, then what’s the problem?

Well, the problem is that the PPA has been practicing predatory bullshit for years now, like when a meter maid stands around and waits for your time to expire, or when they give you a ticket because your car is hanging 1/10th of a centimeter in front of a sign. It’s not about the NECESSITY of enforcement in Philadelphia, where of course we need people to monitor meters and fire hydrants and handicap zones and stuff like that. The PPA gets shit on because they’re rigid and standoffish and fail to operate in good faith with people who are just trying to go about their day.

I’ll give you an example:

In Fishtown, we lost 12-13 parking spots due to the I-95 ramp reconstruction along Aramingo Avenue. Naturally, neighbors will try to adjust and make do until Penn DOT can finish the construction and give those spaces back. You would think the PPA would understand that there are extenuating circumstances here, and provide us some leeway and flexibility, but no, some asshole comes around and gives us tickets anyway.

THAT is why people in this city don’t respect or trust the Parking Authority, because it’s 25% enforcement and safety and 75% writing tickets to make money.


We got some clarity at a press conference –


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    1. shhh Kenney is great! he totally didn’t pander to the minorities for votes, I mean, look at how beautiful and clean philadelphia is under democratic leadership!

  1. The problems is these azz wipes at the PPA don’t teport to anyone and think they own the city those arrogant %*#*#*
    I used the meter app and have 3 cars on there. I parked and paid recently but loaded up the wrong car and got a ticket. I sent them the ticket and my receipt showing it was my car and I made an honest mistake. They told me well you made the mistake so the ticket stands.

  2. I long for the days when if you knew a guy who was a party rep, you could get your tickets pulled for a small fee.

  3. PPA is run by Republicans by the way. It’s their small sliver of patronage, and they keep it by basically not challenging Democratic rule of the the rest of the city. Quick, tell me who was the Republican candidate for Mayor 4 months ago. Yeah, didn’t think so. So back to the PPA, a few managers get 6 figure no show jobs, a dozen or so ward leaders from the Northeast and South Philly get jobs for their relatives, and the rest of the city continues to be run by the Brady/ Fuomo machine. So the next time you want to blame the Dems for corruption in the city, remember that the enabling Repubs are as bad if not worse…

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