This is What the Sixers Are Sending to Ticket Holders:

Trying to cobble together one final story here before I shut it down for the weekend and fire up Diablo 2.

If you have season tickets for next year, you should have received an email today that looks like this:

No playoff or season ticket payments will be processed for now.

There was another email sent out separately from the notice, which looks like this:

Hopefully that answers some questions.


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  1. He doesn’t think being 60+ years old with a heart problem history puts him in the high risk group for covid19.

  2. Well finally a bone tossed to the Goyim season ticket fools by the (((governors)))

  3. I’m hammered at the bar thinking about the cuz . He’s the man

    1. maybe you and your drunk friends can swap spit and help spread the corona virus

  4. On the philadelphia police officer that was shot and killed while serving a warrant Friday? My sources tell me that he was a white, lifetime N R A member who was also a regular church goer. Definitely a Trump supporter. This has to be true because we know that those people are the root of all gun violence in America. Keep voting dem to end violence in the city!!!

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