Tom Brady Says Goodbye to the Patriots

tom brady leaving patriots

Tom Brady, checking in with some news this St. Patrick’s Day:


For all of you TLDR people out there, the key words here are “although my football journey will take place elsewhere.”

Wow, right?

There has long been speculation that the six-time winning Super Bowl quarterback would part ways with the Patriots this offseason, but it’s still hard to believe the two sides have arrived at this point.

At 42 years old last season, Brady struggled at times. After the Patriots stormed out to a perfect 8-0 start, they dropped five of their final nine games, including a listless 20-13 home playoff loss to the Titans.

New England apparently wasn’t committed to throwing big money at Brady one more time, which is probably the right move at this point–though other NFL teams appear eager to do so:

I’d like to tell you that this will be the thing that finally cripples the Patriots’ dynasty once and for all, but we should probably know better by now.

Andy Dalton + Bill Belichick = Some early LOLs eventually giving way to 12 wins and a deep postseason run

We could all see this happening, right?


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  1. Bill Belichick is a QB coach? Get ready for the exposing of Bill. Also, Bills mafia will own the east

  2. Brady turns 43 before the season and looking at how he’s starting to look like a washed up has been, I can see why the Patriots, are no longer committed to Brady, long-term.

  3. hopefully this will end the 24/7 ESPN love fest with Brady
    I could see him going to the Bucs…..division not nearly as strong as it once was with both Brees and Ryan aging rapidly, and Cam being on the outs. Plus those two stud WR….

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