Trade Rumors: NBC Reportedly Will Not Send Al Michaels to ESPN

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Via Andrew Marchand at the New York Post:

NBC Sports has declined ESPN’s initial request to engage in trade talks to acquire Al Michaels, according to sources.

“We look forward to Al completing his contract and calling ‘Sunday Night Football’ games on NBC,” Greg Hughes, an NBC Sports spokesman, told The Post.

Marchand reported last week that ESPN wanted to pair Michaels with Peyton Manning for Monday Night Football and replace the duo of Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland.

What now?

If I’m ESPN I’m offering CBS whatever they want for Kevin Harlan. Multiple draft picks, cash considerations, broadcasters to be named later, etc. Name your price. Harlan is currently my #1 sports broadcaster in America.

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4 Responses

  1. They have to do something. Tessitore, McFarland are horrendous. Tessitore is the king of platitudes. McFarland has major linguistic problems.

  2. Please don’t ever leave Westwood One Kevin Harlan. You are my absolute favorite Live sports broadcaster on radio handsdown. You’re uniqueness comes in how you bring the visual aspects of a NFL game to life, even when listening on the radio. If it ain’t broke, don’t screw with it. Get some fresh new blood ESPN and stop trying to raid other TV network’s chicken coops.

  3. I’ve never once turned on or turned off a sports program, especially the NFL due to whoever it was that was calling the game. I mean, with Redzone, I barely even listen to the broadcasters. Hard to believe they are worth as much as they are paying them (ala Romo)

  4. It’s true, certain broadcasters may be more tolerable than others, but fans are going to watch THE GAME regardless of who is behind the mic. On a TV telecast, the role of the play-by-play guy is overblown. I don’t need them to tell me “Wentz is back to pass…” because I can see that for myself. Give me the inside analysis, like the Romo predictions of the play to come based on the offensive set. Jim Jackson of the Flyers, for example, calls the game on TV like he’s working on the radio- I don’t need to hear the name of every player who touches the puck on their way up ice. Different story for guys like Tim Saunders, Scott Franzke, the Sixers T-Mac and Merrill Reese…they need to describe the action as it unfolds. And one more thing: Al Michaels sucks. If the Soviets beat the USA in 1980, he’d still be calling minor league baseball in Hawaii. When the dentures get in the way of your speaking voice, it’s long past time to retire.

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