Good morning. Hope you’re doing well on a Monday and made it through the weekend alright. Hope you didn’t do anything stupid, like buy up all the toilet paper at the grocery store for hoarding purposes. What’s up with those people anyway? Do they expect to do a lot of pooping during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Thought it might make sense to start the day with a laugh. There’s no football tape to analyze right now, so former Eagle Brian Baldinger is giving us a #BaldysBreakdowns of old Puppy Bowl highlights instead:

“I mean, watch this Schnauzer here; look at the roll. Remember we used to do monkey rolls when you were a kid? See that monkey roll? It got him out of harm’s way right there. He got away from two attackers right there with a puppy dog roll.”

Need more of these videos since Twitter is depressing and insufferable right now.