We Can Use Doubleheaders to Balance the MLB Schedule Without Running Players Into the Ground

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Let’s do a theoretical here:

Pick an arbitrary date for the start of the MLB season, like June 1st. Say we just start the year at that point, pick up the schedule there, and play a shortened campaign.

Any issues? Problems?

You’d save yourself the headache of rescheduling, but the standings would be unbalanced due to the loss of divisional games, which would have to be weighted or worked into the back-end of the calendar somehow. The Phillies are set to play six divisional series between now and June 1st, which would be lost in our theoretical scenario.

One of possible solutions to reworking the schedule is to play doubleheaders, which Jeff Passan writes about in a story posted to ESPN this morning:

MLB and the MLBPA have worked toward a potential agreement over the past 10 days, acknowledging the inevitability of a shortened season that both parties hope would begin by early June and would guarantee players a prorated salary that would depend on the number of games played, according to sources. Multiple players told ESPN they are willing to play a significant number of doubleheaders — as many as two a week — to make up for lost games and try to get as close to a full 162-game schedule as possible.

Using our theoretical, the Phillies would miss 58 games if we picked up the calendar on June 1st. That would leave you with 104 remaining game days, plus 10 off days not including the All-Star break. If we wanted to get to 162 games, and we played during every off day, we’d be trying to stuff 58 lost games into 94 remaining games, which means you’d be playing a doubleheader every 1.62 games.

That’s a lot of doubleheaders, and you’re putting quite a bit of wear and tear on guys’ bodies if they would agree to do that.

This is my solution:

Let’s only reschedule the lost divisional games, which amounts to 19 for the Phillies, and just play those games as doubleheaders to balance out that portion of the calendar. The rest of the games can just be cancelled outright, and we play a shortened season (around 125 games) without running these guys into the ground and causing unnecessary injuries.

That’s how I’d do it. Good idea? Dumb idea?

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10 Responses

  1. great idea. “lets play 2!”
    it would be even better if you could get both games for just the 1 admission like back in the day.

  2. Get rid of the remaining interleague schedule too. Try to match up division games during those days, any remaining become day/night double headers. Definitely need more day baseball anyways.

  3. Maybe some form of roster expansion on doubleheader days so a few guys can be called up to spell the regular players if needed?

  4. Wear and tear for doubleheaders would mostly be on pitchers’ arms. Allow teams to use September-sized rosters for bigger bullpens or even 6-man rotations.

  5. Why wasn’t Israel developed prior to 1950?

    Seems like a good question.

    I’ll take my answer off the air.

  6. As people realize how much time and money they waste on sports and there are much better things to do with their time.

  7. Hi Ty,

    Again – try the dark web.

    You can use all the childish words the dim and uneducated like to use and you will have plenty of like minds to discuss conspiracies and make excuses for your failings. Bonus – you won’t have to hit refresh all day, change your name and then respond to yourself.

    Good luck little fella.

  8. Anyone who wins the title in the bogus season get’s a big f@t asterisk. That goes for whatever sport they win it at. Will always cherish the Eagles title because they beat the best. I don’t care which QB won it. The title was completely legit. It wasn’t a fluke team they beat. It was the Pats with Tom Brady. The truncated seasons with some new playoff format is a phony as a two dollar bill.

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