“We’re Gonna Get Through This,” Says Joe Girardi, Sounding Like a Leader

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Didn’t expect this today, but it’s a very enjoyable video clip.

Here’s a rational and reassuring Coronavirus message from the Phils’ manager:

“I know you’re sad, I’m sad too and I miss this great game of baseball. But as I said, this is a time we that we can pull together, that we can protect our families, that we can love our families. We can do things together as a family…. We’re gonna get through this and we’re gonna be stronger as a country and we’re gonna be stronger as a Philly fan base.”

Well said!

That sounded more reasonable and calming than anything most of our idiot politicians (on both sides) have been spewing since the crisis started.


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  1. Joe G –

    Seriously ? Unicorns and rainbows at a time like this?

    The looting and rioting starts soon. You are shooting hoops and playing catch?

    I am barricaded behind my grandmothers red velvet couch (plastic cover is on) with a cache of weapons. We kept the couch in the row for 50 years now.

    Wake up Joe. It’s no time to be a tough guy and act like you don’t know what’s about to happen. Somebody shoplifted at a Dollar General in Darby today and you are thinking anyone will ever play baseball again ??!!!?

    Wake up JOE!

  2. I know Joe the Plumber. He lives on a 5 acre estate in Newtown Square. The guy is a millionaire. White, American, Man, Millionaire.


  3. “Both sides.” Lol, okay Kinker. Nice Trumpism. One side was calling it a “hoax,” had the only senator to vote against the bipartisan
    Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act and had all eight senators to vote against the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, but sure let’s act like it’s equal. Way to take a stand.

      1. Helpful. You’re the one who brought up politics in a post about Joe Girardi. Why mention it if you’re not even willing to offer a coherent thought other than “durr all politicians are stupid”? Have fun at the next “I call myself an Independent/Libertarian because I think I’m smarter than everyone” meeting.

        1. To be real you either have to be Republican or Democrat. Independent thought isn’t real. Programmed, repetitive rhetoric makes a man real.

          I bet you watch FOX NEWS.

          1. Yes, I who criticized Trump, Rand Paul and the eight other republican senators am I huge Fox News fan. Nailed it.

          2. That’s my point Mr. Real.

            You spew agenda that you want to spew. Doesn’t make you any more real than the FOX News crowd. Apparently sarcasm isn’t for the real.

  4. Then he mumbled something about virus season.

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