Yes, You Can Get Beer Delivered, And Here’s Where You Should Get It From

Workhorse Brewing. King of Prussia and Center City.

Where most start small, this production brewery with King of Prussia and Center City locations went big. They built a massive, 70,000 square foot brewery in Montco with an eye toward servicing the local community with good, quality beer and a large gathering spot with the ability to expand. Featuring handcrafted ales and lagers from award-winning brewmaster Nate Olewine, an industry veteran with more than a decade of experience at Victory Brewing Company and Devils Backbone in Virginia, Workhorse offers accessible, approachable styles for the craft novice and aficionado alike.

On just February 7 they were featured in the Inquirer with the headline, “How Workhorse has become a player in Philly’s beer scene, in 8 steps.”

As you might know, Coronavirus upends that sort of thing, quickly.

So Workhorse has pivoted to offer to-go and delivery brews.

Available for online order, Workhorse offers nine different beer styles available in 4-packs, plus crowler and growler fills (do a 64oz fill, get a free growler glass), 20% off cases and both sixtel and half barrel kegs.

Here’s how it works.

King of Prussia

Both “contactless pick-up” and delivery are available. Order here.


“Upon arrival to KOP, you will call our number as instructed via signage in front of our facility. From there, please wait in your car as the beer is delivered to your vehicle. Once the staff has dropped beer outside, please allow them to vacate the premises before grabbing your item(s).”

Our new normal, with an ABV.


Workhorse will deliver within a 10-mile radius of its KOP location:

“Delivery fees are charged according to order cost, a figure that also includes a tip for our driver. 100% of this fee will go directly to our drivers, many of whom are our bartenders hit hardest by the closure. Fees range from $7.50 (deliveries $20-$40) to $20 on orders over $80.”

Order from Workhorse’s King of Prussia location here.


Center City

The Center City taproom location is delivery only.


You can get both beer and pizza, through a partnership with Pete’s Famous Pizza. Basically anywhere in the city:

Order delivery from Workhorse’s Center City location here.


Why You Should Support Workhorse

You may know one of its founders, Dan Hershberg, formerly of Philly Phaithful, the excellent line of Philly sports-related merch– a longtime CB partner. He took a risk (and a large investment) to build something big, and do it the right way. This is exactly the sort of business immediately left holding the bag of Coronavirus fallout, and one we should support.

Better yet, they have good, local, unique, craft beer. And they’ll deliver it to your door without human interaction.

And if you can’t make it out or already stocked up on beer, you can get gift cards with free cash adds ($5 on 25, $15 on $50, $35 on $100) so you can use them after the lockdown ends.

Order from Workhorse Brewing here.


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