Andrew Berry Thinks Howie Roseman is the NFL’s Best GM

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe he’s just saying nice things about a guy he used to work with:

People went “ape bleep” for Howie in 2017 because he had an incredible year. Signing Nick Foles as a backup, getting Timmy Jernigan for nothing, trading for Jay Ajayi, adding free agents Chris Long, LeGarrette Blount, Patrick Robinson, and Stefen Wisniewski, etc. He deserved all the credit in the world back then because every single move he made worked out perfectly.

But that was two full seasons ago, and even with all the injury nonsense of 2018 and 2019, people still feel like there’s a window here to win another Super Bowl, especially in a NFC East featuring three new coaches. There are high standards in Philly, so that’s why people are reacting to Roseman the way they are.

Plus, we’re emotionally volatile, so nobody should be surprised by the draft backlash.


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  6. 2017 will go down more as Peak Joe Douglas and the Miracle of Foles then anything Roseman managed to accomplish. The two coaches in DC and Dallas are proven winners while the new guy in the Meadowlands talks a good game like a young Bill Cowher or Parcells. We’ll see. But this GM did nothing to provide the QB with the best reciever in the draft when he sat on his rear end doing nothing, while Lamb was delievered right on the flying bridge of Jerry Jone’s ultra yacht. And to top off his wonderful draft, he created a qb controversy where that is the last thing in the world this franchise needed. 2017 is quickly receding in the mirror, folks. The dream is over.

    1. Proven winners huh? They are not more proven winners than Parcells and Gibbs were when they took over the cowboys and redskins 15 years ago.
      And those teams won nothing with 2 of the greatest coaches in history. Because they are just terrible franchises, 2 of the worst since the start of this century. Eagles and Giants have been the class of the division for the last 20 years and that will continue.

      1. Jerry is underrated as a talent guy, but he can’t manage a coaching regime to save his life. He delegates the wrong things and meddles with the wrong things. The Giants classy act is why they’re garbage. Sticking with Eli was a 20th Century move. They whiffed on Gettleman and now they’re stuck waiting for that to play out for 5 more years at least.

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