Dr. Fauci Talks Possible Scenarios for Baseball’s Return

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like Dr. Anthony Fauci has been everywhere.

He’s doing White House press briefings. He went on a Barstool podcast. Some guy from Snapchat interviewed him, which included a quote about getting Major League Baseball back on track by playing in empty stadiums.

Here’s another interview with the federal government’s top infectious diseases expert, this via the YES Network, with more on MLB:


“I think having them play on television is certainly better than nothing.”

More or less, and that’s where we’re headed. We all know that fans aren’t gonna be in the stands any time soon, so the best we can hope for is baseball in an empty stadium, which would kind of be like watching the Marlins every day until COVID-19 fucks off forever.

Time’s yours.


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  1. As long as we find a safe solution, I’d love to watch some baseball! Is it Friday yet? LOL!

    – Kate

  2. When’s the last time the Phillies packed the house? They aren’t a good team, airing the games from an empty stadium won’t be much difference. ONly thing I do request is that big stinky Phillie Phanatic be there raising hell in the empty stands.

  3. Please follow the guidelines unless you don’t like the guidelines.

    Either way – I will be right. Scurry about aimlessly lemmings.

  4. As usual, America’s grandpa is correct. TV is better than nothing. Don’t have to get your back door violated with parking and beer prices either.

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