Eytan Shander to Host Middays on SB Nation Radio

Eytan Shander has so many gigs that you sometimes lose track of what he’s currently doing.

The former 97.5 the Fanatic host was most recently anchoring middays on 97.3 ESPN alongside Harry Mayes, in addition to an evening show on FOX Sports the Gambler and weekends for SB Nation Radio.

Here’s a schedule update via press release from SB Nation and Jakib Media Partners:

PHILADELPHIA – April 13, 2020 – SB Radio Nation Network and JAKIB Media Partners
announced today The Second Level with Eytan Shander will air weekdays from 11am-1pm,
beginning Monday, April 13th.

The announcement follows an earlier release by SB Nation launching longtime sports talk radio
host Scott Ferrall. Shander will assume the lead-off Eytslot in the weekday line-up and bring his
spirited personality to middays where he will join the very competitive national arena of sports

“I am thrilled and honored to expand my role at SB Nation Radio while furthering the vision of
JAKIB Media Partners. This show will be the fastest two hours on radio, aimed at entertaining,
informing and leading into an afternoon line-up of millions of fans,” said Eytan Shander.
In addition, Shander will continue to host weekends from 6-9pm ET.

Joe Krause, President & Founder of JAKIB Media Partners added: “We’re willing to flex our
confidence in Eytan while believing in the power of radio-gold during this craziness of the
Coronavirus. Collectively, this collaboration with SB Nation Radio will create additional
programming partnerships.”

Eytan was hosting that 12 to 2 show on 97.3 with Harry Mayes, who left to rejoin Tony Bruno on Sirius XM. So now he’s doing this:

  • 11am to 1pm on SB Nation Radio (weekdays)
  • 6pm to 8pm on the Gambler (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • 6pm to 9pm on SB Nation Radio (weekends)

The new show begins today, and you can listen by clicking on the link.

Disclaimer: I’ve appeared on Eytan’s shows at least 25 times

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8 Responses

  1. “……………..Disclaimer: I’ve appeared on Eytan’s shows at least 25 times………………..”
    What do you want?
    a fucking cookie and pat on the back?
    fucking mope

      1. you need to loosen the glue holding the rug on your head,
        take it to ‘the shop’ and get that nasty rats nest redone.
        fucking disgrace private pyle.
        get a real job with benefits you fucking brown noser.

    1. Big deal. I had beer with Ronnie Mund and Kurt Bush in Vegas last week. They opened the casino for us during the pandemic. True story.

  2. Winch Propane tanks don’t explode when left by themselves on porches of people that won’t be home for days.
    I’m sure of it.

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