Governor Wolf Wants Pennsylvanians to Wear Masks Outside the House

Oh, you think darkness is your ally?

I went outside yesterday and noticed a lot of people with bandanas over their face.

It wasn’t an Antifa rally; it was a trip to the nearby dog park, where pooch owners have been asked to practice appropriate social distancing. There were a couple of those white medical masks but most people were going with the outlaw-chic type of look.

Apparently they were ahead of the curve, because today Governor Tom Wolf issued a new request (via KDKA):

Gov. Tom Wolf is asking all Pennsylvanians to wear masks anytime they leave the house.

He’s asking people to reserve N95 and paper masks for healthcare workers. He says you should use a cloth or homemade mask if you need to leave the house.

At a Friday afternoon press conference, Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine says the health department has recommended that the general public not wear masks. However, they say that guidance is now changing.

“Your mask protects me from COVID-19, and my mask protects you from COVID-19,” Dr. Levine explained.

This is what it’s come down to. A global pandemic in which we’re asked to cover our faces outside of the home. This could be our “new norm,” as Doug Pederson once said.

This is the mask I’ll be wearing:




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45 Responses

    1. Of course you can, but I’ve been wandering all over South Philly trying to find Rendell’s safe injection site.
      I need to score some free junk and shoot up real bad.

    2. in addition to those benwahballs stuffedupyourass?
      probably not an attractive look., Mr Crank Bait

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        1. You were referring to his use of the word your whilst referring to your ding dong. In that instance, joe the plumber was right.

  1. Let me get this straight. If I donate a car to 1-877 kars4kids I get a kid? Do I get to pick the gender? The age? These details are important. Any info would help.

    1. Oh wow. Can’t wait to hear Rowhome avoid this one…

      Lol. And you wonder why the left is on the verge of elimination. They’ve become their own worst enemy.

    1. Nevertheless, as trashy as he may be, we would still like to hear your response. Why does the Muslim world mistreat gays and women?

      1. Stop whining snowflake. The Muslims you are talking about are Conservatives. They respect a higher power. Many Christians (real followers of Jesus) feel the same way. As a true Conservative – I wish we would change our laws to be more like those in Conservative Muslim countries. I hate liberal pansies like you. Read the Bible. Love Jesus. Disgusting sinner.

  2. All of the comments above were posted by two, possibly only one, person? My money is on Kyle

  3. The other day, driving to pick up a pizza, I passed a car going the other direction within the town of Bordentown, NJ. The driver, a young woman……was wearing her dust mask.

    That and the fact that shoppers are leaving their used alcohol wipes inside the shopping carts they just used and before getting in their vehicles to go home, many are taking off their rubber gloves and simply tossing them on the ground.

    Likely the same inconsiderate dopes who make a great run on toilet paper, purelle and rubbing alcohol. God almighty, we have a lot of selfish, me-first greedy idiots in our midst!

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