Here’s What Adam Schefter Had to Say About Jerry Jeudy and a “Lingering Knee Issue”

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Maybe you saw the report(s) regarding Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy on Tuesday.

Some media members were talking about a suspected knee problem that could move him down in the first round, with Natalie Egenolf I believe reporting this first, and then Derrick Gunn following up:

Of course everybody puts their conspiracy theory hat on when new injury information emerges right before the draft.

Is it suspicious that two Philadelphia media members are reporting this?

Is this a Howie Roseman leak in an attempt to force Jeudy down the board?

Those are the types of questions national folks ask whenever this kind of stuff pops up. Jeudy did have 77 receptions for 1,163 yards last season, so if he was playing on a bum knee, it sure didn’t look like it. He did, as Natalie mentioned, have meniscus surgery in 2018, which he confirmed publicly at the time.

For what it’s worth, national guy Chad Forbes also had the knee report:

I’m not too familiar with Forbes’ track record of reporting accurate information, but this morning on 97.5 the Fanatic Marc Farzetta bounced the topic off the typically very trustworthy Adam Schefter, who said this:

Schefter: I am aware of those kinds of issues, and there are various issues with various players. Look, ‘losing stock’ might be strong. Instead of 13, does he go 17? Maybe. But I think teams are going to like him or not like him, period. It’s a situation where I don’t think it’s going to have a dramatic effect on his stock. Now, all of a sudden, if we look up at the first round and he’s available at 27 or 28, then that might  be a contributing factor, but he’s still a great receiver and I don’t see it having a dramatic effect on his draft stock at all.

Farzetta: What is the knee issue?

Schefter: We’ll just say for now it’s a lingering knee issue.

He said that last line with some hesitation, which was interesting to me. Something to keep an eye on as we scan Twitter over the next 36 hours in anticipation of the draft.

Schefter, by the way, also said that he does not think that Alshon Jeffery will be traded. Here’s the full interview:

Schefty interview 97.5 the Fanatic


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  1. So sad of a part-time, update girl trying to make this made-up story all about her.

  2. hahaha now this is funny. I also heard he scored lower than Claiborne on the wonderlich test

  3. Kink: if you keep ripping me off without crediting myself or the Inquirer, we’re going to have to send you a cease and desist.

  4. Nat is scooping the four letter network. How did she develop these sources. Did someone just DM her from numerous followers on social media. Or was it a local reporter who was just trying to get a date.

  5. Poor Nat egg thinks she’s a victim bc Joe G did not acknowledge her by name.

    Bottom line, she is not a credentialed journalist and the irony is it took a white knighting journalist to validate her news/opinion. Her role is to make the MM show more sellable and softer to advertisers. That’s it.

    This wasn’t breaking news as much as it was repackaging facts as inside news.

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