Howie Roseman on Virtual Draft: “There’s Really No Excuses for Our Setup Right Now”

Tomorrow on Crossing Broad, I will give you my NFL Mock Draft, version 14.7.

I don’t actually know what I’m talking about, but I’m just going to take wildly inaccurate guesses anyway. I don’t have any inside knowledge or information, but if everybody else is doing it, surely we can also earn some cheap clicks.

That story is on the way, but in the meantime, Eagles GM Howie Roseman did a media session today with assistant director of player personnel Andy Weidl, talking mostly about draft prep. They discussed a number items over the course of 40 minutes, but I wanted to pull this Howie quote about the remote setup:

“I’m fortunate that I have a home office. About two years ago, Pat Dolan, who heads our video group, he came out and outfitted this like it was my office at NovaCare. He gave me all the bells and whistles so that I could watch tape and use our systems. I had all of the resources at my disposal. He did that because there would be times that we were in the offseason or it would be late at night, and I didn’t have everything I needed, and there’s really no excuses for our setup right now. It’s incredible. It’s a great tribute to our staff to put us in a position that has been seamless. As we talk about draft day, I know some GMs, some people I’m friends with, have given people an opportunity to see (their setup), which I’ll do here. We’re going to add all of the bells and whistles that we would have there. We have a state of the art draft room, an amazing draft room, and we’ll miss that and the contact.

We’re not making any excuses for this. There are people that are dealing with a lot worse than we’re dealing with, and we feel fortunate that we have this opportunity to improve our football team next week.”

Love that answer.

Shit happens, it could be worse, let’s roll.” That’s basically what Howie is saying.

Weidl says he’s assumed control of his wife’s office and shouted out the video department, whom he referred to as “rock stars.” They ran a test call last week with 30 people which he said was “efficient” and smooth. Next week, the NFL will run a mock version with all teams to iron out any communication kinks, and we should be good to go.

Here’s the entire video clip for your enjoyment:

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