Howie Roseman’s Draft Setup is Marvelous

Mark Meany over at Action News pulled this clip from NFL Live:

I counted eight screens there, including the laptop computer and what appears to be a two tablets on his desk. The fireplace adds some boujee quality to the arrangement and the PR staff even got the interview backdrop into his house, which is pretty thorough. Howie Roseman is big pimpin’ with this draft setup.


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  1. Us locals are nice ot happy at all. People have not stopped coming down here for weeks, buying supplies in our limited grocery stores, taking up resources in hospitals, and potentially spreading the virus more down here. Now we are all trapped on our quiet islan

  2. Marvelous????? Why are you kidding his arse?
    Let’s see some results, not pro Eagles propaganda.
    Jj arcega sucksalot?

  3. Bill Belicheck has a landline and a legal pad and his draft will be way better than (((Howie)))

    1. He called someone the word you may never ever use or be fired, no not the n a g g e r word but p u t o.

  4. “…boujee quality….”
    your such an ass kinkkur………..
    fucking millenial brownoser

  5. Enough with the comparisons!
    White Christian men have done Nothing to better human civilization!

  6. Reminds me of the guy that shows up at the basketball court with the new Jordans, authentic jersey, all the accessories and then dribbles with both hands. Having the best tools doesn’t mean anything if you still have a moron operating them.

    1. hahaha fantastic comparison. btw you just described Kevin and 98% of Boyertown Area High School’s dress attire. Kevy that high school reunion is coming up quick at Iezzi’s bo!

  7. Kyle and the rest of CB staff are licking their chops hoping for its readers to blow their stimulus checks on draft bets through the betting sites they hawk here so they can get their measly 1% cut

  8. It’s really good. With all this time off I started an online investment portfolio with 20k. Now it’s up to 80k. That’s 60k in 3 weeks. I guess I get all the breaks. I’ll probably donate a good chunk to my church though. So yea. I’m good. Lol. How’s life with a boss????


  9. You have no idea what you are talking about again. Lol.

    It’s hard to believe how little you know about everything.

    It’s why you are slow/broke Joe.

    How’s life?

  10. Kyle Scott is an embarrassment. Using a pandemic to hawk custom made bandanas and face mask.

    Wannabe collectivist exploiting a situation for a profit.

    1. Not just trying to use this for a profit, but in a parasitic manner. Always stealing someone else’s trade mark, likeness, or hard work to do so. Kyle is no better than the guy outside the stadium with a shopping cart full of knock off merchandise.

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