“I Don’t See How this Season is Going to Return,” Says Drew Doughty, Who Plays For One of the NHL’s Worst Teams

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It’s important for the NHL season to resume at some point.


Because the Philadelphia Flyers were RED HOT. Alain Vigneault’s guys were ready to slap around the Eastern Conference en route to the Stanley Cup finals before a GLOBAL PANDEMIC finally derailed one of the best months of Flyers hockey we’ve seen since 2012.

Some people, however, don’t want the NHL to resume, like Drew Doughty, who offered propaganda disguised as an opinion when he said this Monday:

“I don’t see how this season is going to return,” Doughty told reporters on a conference call Monday. “I really don’t.”

“We have no idea when this virus is going to be over,” Doughty said. “We’re just sitting here waiting, working out, getting ready to hopefully return at any point.”

Doughty continued: “I would think the NHL or whoever has to make a decision will make some type of decision on that soon. It seems like it’s going to be pretty tough to return, to resume the season or the playoffs.”

Of course he’s going to say that, because the Kings STINK. They have 64 points and a -34 goal differential. If the NHL season resumes, they will pitifully drag themselves to the finish line as a Pacific Division bottom dweller. Dude does not want to lace ’em up and get his ass kicked again.

That’s why we can’t take Doughty’s comments seriously. His season is over. He already has two Stanley Cups and he’s the second-highest paid defenseman in the NHL, earning $11,000,000 per year. Doughty is done with this shit and ready to move on to next year.

Beyond that, he doesn’t have any true insight on the matter. It’s the same with anything said by Kirk Herbstreit, Dabo Swinney, or any other athlete or coach with an opinion on when sports will resume. They don’t know. They don’t have any idea. You don’t know and I don’t know either.

If Drew Doughty is done with the season, then he and his team can shut it down right now. We can continue play in September with the Philadelphia Flyers, who actually have something to play for. Doughty is just spewing propaganda.



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  1. It’s pretty clear to anyone with a brain that we *do* know. There is no humanly possible way for sports to return before the fall. And even that will be a stretch. Take a step outside your emotional bubble and use some logic. The logistics and the public image issue make the spring sports a non-starter. The quicker people accept this the better. Just pray for some sort of fan-less football at this point

  2. If you look on SI’s website, there’s an article posted that contains quotes from an actual scientist. Doughty would likely be singing a different tune if the Kings weren’t basement dwellers but it’s pretty obvious that sports will be one of the last things to return on this long journey back to normalcy. Just because you don’t like the negativity doesn’t mean it’s not warranted.

    Guess I can’t link to the actual article without having my comment blocked. Cool stuff, Kink!

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