Jake Elliott Nailing Golf Trick Shots in Quarantine

Not only is Jake Elliott good from 61 yards against the Giants, he can also hit some ridiculous golf shots inside his house.

Check this out:

I like the fact that Jake has three of his own jerseys in his basement, one of which is white, the second black, and the third appears to be the midnight green worn in the Super Bowl. There’s also a Stephen Gostkowski and Chris Boswell jersey on the wall, so I guess kickers swap jerseys with each other, which is cool. The Bucs jersey, #45, is former Memphis teammate Alan Cross and the Dallas #20 is Memphis running back Tony Pollard.


5 Responses

  1. More white trash articles are needed.

    I never seen a basement like this. Any crawl space news? Make it inclusive.

    Stop deleting my hate speech. The fake cop said we should expect it.

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