Jameis Winston Gives Himself Kudos After Being Replaced by Tom Brady

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston was on Fox News today, talking about a Coronavirus hotline that he developed with Florida surgeon Dr. Scott Kelley.

Of course they asked him a question about football and being replaced by Tom Brady, which resulted in this quote, via ESPN:

“One thing you can learn about me is my faith. I have tremendous faith in my lord, and one thing about Tom Brady is it’s understood that he is the GOAT,” Winston said. “For you to get replaced by Tom Brady in a city that you love so much, I guess that’s kudos to me.”

He added: “I’m going to have to play the Tom Bradys, the Patrick Mahomes and all the other great quarterbacks eventually. That’s how you win Super Bowls, and that’s what I want.”

Hmm, well that’s one way to look at it. Perhaps it is a badge of honor to be replaced by the greatest quarterback of all time.

Thing is, Winston was going to be replaced either way, since he was a free agent coming off a 7-9 season in which he threw 33 touchdowns but also 30 interceptions, which is one pick for every 20.8 pass attempts. He finished his Tampa career with 28 wins, 42 losses, and zero playoff appearances in one of football’s most competitive divisions. Kind of strange to think that Winston and Cam Newton are both currently free agents.


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    1. Would not surprise me at all. I guarantee his daddy was nowhere to be found

  1. look up the definition of lord… he isn’t talking about God or Jesus. Then the more obvious satanic name of the goat. these people are insanely stupid, these people are sick

  2. Winston couldn’t spell KUDOS at gunpoint. Both he and Newton lack the intelligence to be QB’s

  3. Does not surprise anyone that you are totally wrong about this. Get a 6-year-old to show you how the internet works.

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