Josh Harris and David Blitzer Donate to CHOP and Cooper Health

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Two more donations from the Sixers owners, via Justin Grasso at Sports Illustrated:

“…on Thursday, the Sixers’ Managing Partner is back at it again with two more generous donations. First, Harris-Blitzer Sports and Entertainment have made a “significant donation” to Cooper University Health Care’s COVID-19 Assistance Fund.

The Cooper Foundation in Camden, New Jersey, created the fund to help South Jersey’s leading academic health system during the coronavirus pandemic. With the donation, the 76ers’ partners have contributed enough funds to provide critical medical equipment, which includes respirators, surgical masks, gloves, gowns, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, eye protection, and ventilators.

In addition to Thursday’s donation to The Cooper Foundation, Josh Harris and company have also made another considerable donation to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to provide medical supplies and telemedicine, which allows kids to have remote visits during this time.

I wrote about Harris and Blitzer yesterday, and some people thought I was “in the bag” or being paid by them, which is nonsense. They apologized for the employee furlough plan, reversed course, and are now putting a lot of money into charity and Coronavirus relief. If you’re still hung up on last Tuesday, then that’s your problem.


Al Horford is getting in on the action:

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15 Responses

  1. lol you’re in the media. You’re def in the bag with your handlers. Its just a coincidence you all have the same soap box you attempt to brainwash from.

    4 a.m. meetings

  2. Where has Rowhome been?

    Looks like Joe the Plumber is victorious once again!

    Umm umm Israel is bad!

    Fuck outa here !

    USA! USA! USA!

  3. I am the enemy of the people.

    Except the red states – who coincidently dominate the states with the most uneducated people. FACT!!!

  4. We’re waiting to hear how much money Oprah, other Bl@ck Billionaires, Nation of Islam, and NAACP donate to the Coronavirus and/or Children’s Hospital?

      1. I wouldn’t mind having my pipes cleaned …. if you catch my drift. Joe the Plumber does only new construction, mainly in north delco and bucks. Dudes a multi millionaire.

  5. Did they give them discounted season tickets for the rest of the year? Their magnanimity knows no bounds.

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