Justin Jefferson Says Teams That Passed on Him Are “Going to Pay”

(Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports)

LSU receiver Justin Jefferson went to the Vikings with the 22nd overall draft pick this past weekend, with Jalen Reagor, CeeDee Lamb, Henry Ruggs, and Jerry Jeudy coming off the board earlier in the first round.

That’s MOTIVATION for Jefferson, who went on Zach Gelb’s national show and said the following:

“Every single person that picked a receiver instead of me are going to pay,” Jefferson said. “I’m going to show them that I am the better receiver than the pick that they had. . . . I’m definitely excited to go into Minnesota and [compete] for [a] Super Bowl.”

“I felt like I was the best receiver in this draft class, and being the fifth receiver off the board, it kind of was a shocker. But also having that on my shoulder going into this next season with Minnesota, I’m definitely excited to show the world what I have.”


Let’s hope Howie Roseman got it right with the Reagor pick or else we’re gonna hear about Justin Jefferson for the rest of our lives, assuming he turns out to be a good NFL player. The Eagles don’t play the Vikings in 2020, but perhaps they will meet in the NFC Championship Game and defeat Kirk Cousins by a score of 38 to 7.


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  1. of course bagel roseman blew the pick…..its almost a lock Justin Jeff will be a far better player……i shouldn’t care but i am a sick eagles fan so i do f’ing care.

    by the way – wentz showed he was a puss when he didn’t try to play thru a concussion…..gotta try man……even lurie thought that was a puss move..

    1. since you are scared, maybe you should invest in a little pomeranian
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  2. Howie has shown he can’t draft receivers. Reagor will bust and Jefferson will go on to have a very good career. Lurie is not holding him accountable now nor will he hold him accountable two or three seasons from now. That Super Bowl gave Howie enough bank to last atleast 10 years. Every fan would have made the same deal. Win a Super Bowl for us and get a Golden Ticket for a decade.

    1. name the rest of the eagles GM’s that have an eagles SB ring.
      yeah. thats what i thought.
      now shut the fuck up loser.

  3. Stand by.

    Will be writing something stupid in just a few. It will be a repeater. Probably about race, perversion, 3rd grade politics or religion.

  4. Funny I remember betting tcu and Reagor dropping an easy wr screen . Threw my remote

  5. Jefferson will double the stats of reagor in their first seasons.
    Howie is drunk behind the wheel

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  9. Typical day/night for Mental Joe. Just responding to himself all night long.
    A complete nut bag.

    Sounds like a factory or some minimum wage joint that hires slow guys might be opening up today.

    The “I can’t even pretend to have money” Plumber routine is always fun. His gang of voices in his head add some color. That’s nuts.

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    1. “Typical day/night for Mental Joe. Just responding to himself all night long.
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      Says the guy posting at 4:54 am.

      Enjoy your first day back Joe! Make that money!!!!

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