You really can’t make this stuff up,

The Philadelphia Water Department is dealing with clogging issues because dumb-dumbs are flushing gloves, wipes, and other pandemic-related safety items down the toilet.

Via Action News:

These items, including gloves and wipes, are putting a strain on the city’s water infrastructure, the mayor said Tuesday. Nineteen of the Philadelphia Water Department’s pumping stations have been impacted by PPE waste.

Officials said the Philadelphia Water Department is seeing 12 times more clogging than normal at its processing facilities.

Department officials are now reporting 100 pounds a month compared to the usual 100 pounds a year.

Kenney warned this could create public health problems and the risk of water main breaks which drain the city’s water reserves.

You’d have to be a total blockhead to think that flushing latex gloves down the toilet is okay. One of the very first toilet-related things you learn in life is not to flush any household trash items at all. No food, no baby wipes, no cotton balls, no Q-tips or feminine hygiene products, etc.

I’m not surprised, though, considering how little we care about cleanliness in this city. I see people throw trash on the ground with regularity, and we can’t even be arsed to pick up a stray plastic bag and walk it to the garbage bin on the corner of the block. Our neighborhoods are filthy and we show an appalling amount of indifference to wayward trash, so it’s not shocking to hear that jabronies are flushing PPE down the toilet.