Mike Francesa Fed Up With Twitter Account That Shares Mike Francesa Video Clips

This story is kind of quirky, but it’s a good one.

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re probably familiar with the account “Funhouse” (@BackAftaThis), which follows WFAN’s Mike Francesa and other radio personalities and shares video clips and audio clips from their shows. The account has close to 100,000 followers and is active on a daily basis.

Mike is now fed up with the account, and went on the radio the other day to draw a line in the sand. No more using his material without express written consent from Entercom or his lawyers or whatever. The annoyance stems from this Monday clip, which is a rant against President Trump that now has 2.74 million views:


That resulted in Mike coming out Thursday and complaining that the clip was shared illegally. He went on to read a statement on the air, which, ironically, was also shared online and widely circulated by Funhouse:

The thing that makes me laugh is that Mike Francesa gets more national reach via the Funhouse Twitter account than his actual radio show. That’s why it’s a bit paradoxical, the idea of trying to shut it down.

You probably don’t listen to WFAN as a Philly sports fan, so if the Funhouse account gets whacked, or they threaten legal action, you’re probably not hearing much from Francesa’s show. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing for him, since Mike is not picking and choosing what clips Funhouse posts, but fewer people overall would be hearing what he has to say if Entercom lays down the law and takes control of their property, which is certainly their legal prerogative.

Some people believe that all publicity is good publicity, but in this case, Francesa is not subscribing to the philosophy.

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28 Responses

  1. Probably got some nastygrams from the fake tan guido MAGAs on Long Island. Odd that it’s this particular clip that sent him over the edge.

  2. as a Philly sports fan, I do listen to the fan, at least in the morning…I like Boomer and the crew. Much better than anything we have to listen to here at that time slot and their update guy is pretty good…they actually talk about sports, and not just NY sports…………not crazy about Francesca..I actually thought he retired, though I will say that it is a lot easier for them to blame Trump for everything rather than look in the mirror and actually question some of the things that Cuomo has said and done since this thing started…..all of a sudden he’s a national hero because the democrats love him and control most of the media….he’s not…Trump made the stay at home announcement and there were still thousands of people congregating in Central Park the next few days…………he could have bought ventilators years ago and stockpiled them but instead spent the $ on projects that failed miserably..now it’s the Feds fault that they can’t get supplies…

      1. Does Hannity tell you bedtime stories?

        I can’t blame the ventilators on Trump, but the man makes an ass out of himself daily. He sounds like a complete idiot.

        This isn’t the Eagles vs the Cowboys. You don’t pick a side and root for them no matter what. Trump has minimized this since the beginning. Now he wants to save lives.

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