We’ve got hockey action, yo!

That’s what Jose from Norristown used to say when he’d dial up Bruno and Mayes back in the day.

According to a couple of reports out there, the NHL scrapped the single-location idea and is now looking into playing games at couple of different hubs instead. Andy Slater tweeted this earlier:

And then Greg Whyshynski at ESPN:

…the league is looking at regional NHL arenas, aligned by division, where teams could potentially finish their seasons. Sources tell ESPN that the current favorites are the home rinks for the Carolina Hurricanes (Metropolitan Division), Edmonton Oilers (Pacific Division) and Minnesota Wild (Central Division). A front-runner from the Atlantic Division has yet to emerge.

The NHL’s goal remains to finish the regular season, which had 189 games remaining when it was paused due to the COVID-19 outbreak on March 12. One concept would be to play multiple games throughout the day at these sites, like one would see at international tournaments.

Flyers head down to Raleigh and play at an empty PNC Arena? That works for me.

Alain Vigneault’s squad had 13 games remaining against opponents from various decisions, so I’m not sure how they’d split up the teams at each of the locations. But if there’s a plan to bring hockey back, then gosh darn it, let’s make it happen.